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Tamalitoz: Watermelon & Chili? WCGW?

Water, melon, chili, and you

Enchilokas: More Mango, B*&^hes

Nope. Sorry. Won’t apologize for yet another mango candy review.

Jovy Mango Slices: Spot On Flavor

Flavor is like a real fruit. Gummy is like not a gummy.

Lucas Salsaghetti Redux

Lucas Salsaghetti Redux

We’re going back to the well to review something for the second time-let’s see if this time it fares any better.

Mui-Bon &

Mui-Bon &

If there was an online candy store with permanent free shipping, would you buy from them? Every day, or just monthly?

Vero Mango: The Red Dirt Flavor Journey

“I taste loads of tamarind, and spice and salt.” Which country made the candy I’m eating? Mexico. Of course! Tamarind is to Mexican candy like mustard is to American hot dogs – slopped on there every time whether you want it or not. Vero Mangos though…kinda yums.

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