Candy Gurus Junior Edition: Haribo Minions Candy Floss Edition

Our Scottish friends brought us these little yellow treats from across the pond. The kids decided to to break them down for you.

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Holiday Candy Video Review 3 of 3: Tootsie Candy Cane Pop Drops

Christmas Eve is here, it’s hella cold outside, and we’ve come to our final holiday video review. Enjoy it with the family around the fire, or while sitting on the can in the bathroom we really don’t care.

Season greetings, y’all.

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Holiday Candy Video Review 2of 3: Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch

Thanks for coming back for the 2nd part of our 3 part Dollar store holiday candy reviews. Today, we check out a surprisingly excellent Junior Mint offering.

Let the madness begin:

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Holiday Candy Video Reviews 1 of 3: Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes

Can you feel the temperature dropping to balls cold? Do you see everyone you know either running around like an idiot buying crap, or doing the same thing, cozier on IT’S THE HOLIDAYS, SUCKERS!

Join us in a 3 part video review series on dollar store holiday candy. Some are good. Some are bad. Most importantly though, you can watch Jonny Guru Jr. spaz out in a hotel.

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Haribo Sauer Fizzy Smurfs: Sour video review

Like German gummies?
Think they will be harder, tougher and darn well better than what we get in America?


I’d tell you all about these, but instead of reading all about it, wouldn’t it be better to watch all about it?


Heck yes.
Behold: a sweet little review. with kids.

Can you buy these? Not sure. I looked around the interwebs and do not see these exact things. I see these, and these…but both of those have lemon sugar and these we reviewed do not…hm. #HariboConundrum.

Get on Amazon!

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Video Review: Sugarfina Fruity Loops

I’m not sure which is loopier, these kids or the delicious, crunchy candy.




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Mike & Ike

Digging this one up from the vault, me & the kid review a classic.



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Candy Gurus ‘Smores Throw Down

There’s never been anything more important than this.

Smores Battle 2014-poster


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Video Review: Haribo Jogi-Fari (A Taste of Delight, Apparently)

Before these rug rats get their say in, let me just add: if you know me, you know I don’t like foam/marshmallow candies. These are different-a bit more dense, and amazing tasting. Matty and I both couldn’t get enough of these, and finished the whole bag in an evening. Keep an eye out for them.  Also, guys-  I can’t believe we never did this before, but now you can subscribe to our posts via email.  Enter your details on the lower right side of our homepage, and boom.  Done.  DO IT!


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Video Review: Homemade “Chocopoo”

Witness the nightmare….

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Video Review : Fla•Vor•Ice Squeeze Candy

Title kinda says it all, but the kid can elaborate….

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Video Review : Twinkies, The “Cupcake With Frosting On The Inside”

The age old Twinkie is reviewed by request. Go get some!

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Video Review – Disneyland $6 Lollipop

This lollipop is bigger than my son’s head.

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Video Review : Quick Blast

Quick Blast COULD be the best candy we review today.

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King Leo Royal Mints : Civilized Mints. At Last!

King Leo make some pretty yummy mint-based candies.  We’ve reviewed a few. They understand how to mix different kinds of flavors with mint.  Some of their highlights have been their key lime, pomegranate, and of course their insane bark.  But now they’re going uptown.


What you’re looking at are three different bags of individually wrapped flavor-infused mints. Citrus-mint, Vanilla-mint, and good ‘ol Peppermint.  They all have their unique qualities, but at the same time, all have a classic mint taste that ties them together.  Additionally, they’re made with all natural ingredients, which I like.  However, as is the case with natural things. sometimes the appearance is a little less than outrageous:



Color wise, you get what’s in it.  On the left, vanilla mint, which is just a bit tan.  In the middle is peppermint, which is more or less white.  The right side holds citrus mint, which has a faint yellow color to it.  This kind of thing for me is actually a nice reminder that it’s real and natural, so it doesn’t bother me at all.


Now to the flavor.  The first question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you like mints.  If the answer is no, then read no further: these aren’t going to change your mind.  The next thing we need to tackle is that these are the opposite of working class pragmatic utilitarian mints like Altoids: you’re not popping one of these to cover the garlic fries you had for lunch.


Jesus, I love french fries.


So these aren’t power horses like Altoids.  Fine.  As long as we know that going in, it won’t be a disappointment.  Think of these things like the name suggests : Royal.  They’re decadent.  Let’s take the flavor I was most eager to try for example : the citrus-mint.  If you know me at all, you know I’m all about citrus.  Acidic, tangy, sharp citrus is among my favorite flavors on earth.  This isn’t that.  This is rich, creamy citrus mint.  In fact all three of these flavors have a “creamy” aspect that ties them together, and gives them an indulgent feel.


But how can a mint be creamy, you say?  That’s what makes these things, and King Leo in general, pretty special.  Like other King Leo products (puffs, sticks), these are not classic hard candies.  They’re more of a chalky consistency: one that breaks down and “crumples” for lack of a better term as you suck it.  Sort of two candies in one.


I found myself gravitating back to the peppermint.  It’s definitely my favorite of the three.  Junior though, he was nuts over the citrus-mint.  For fun, click the video below of him trying to “pop one” in his mouth.


If you’re a fan of mints, or even better, interesting variations on mint, you gotta check these out.  If not, …just watch the damn video below.  The kid is funny.  Not good though.




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Juicefuls : The Kids Review Goo Candy

Kids, kids, kids. They’re good for a few laughs, at least!

According to the Juicefuls website, they seem to be only available at Walmart. So…I guess I’m never buying them! Note to Juicefuls: there’s this thing called the “internet” where you can “purchase goods” really easily. Check it out.

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Juicy Drop Taffy: Goo on a Stick! (of candy)

We got some Juicy Drop Taffy (from Bazooka) and got a few kids lined up to review. Want the nutshell? You put goo on a Laffy-Taffy-like substance and then eat. Kids dig. See for yourself.

(Thanks to Candy Industry for the pic)

Strangely, can’t find these online. I’m thinking they are still so new that they aren’t really pushing them to anywhere but local stores…? Who knows. But I bet Candy Direct will have them eventually.

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Arnold’s Crispy Peanut Brittle: nomnomnomnom…

Dudes. Seriously. Watch, learn, and then buy. This is some serious stuff, it totally blew me away…

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Make Valentine’s Day Totally Haute with Popcorn

The Two Haute Cowgirls popcorn isn’t new to the Candy Gurus . We reviewed some of it before and liked it. A lot. Wonder how this one will go…

I have to warn you. I was an idiot and had my camera the..uh…wrong way. So we got a lot of tight shots. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t like completely unwatchable, right? Check it out and you tell me. Of course it doesn’t take away from the popcorn, which rocks. From dark to milk chocolate, and coffee to chili, banana chips and macadamia nuts, there are flavors for everyone here.

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Haribo Raspberries

Check it, peeps: Haribo Raspberries. Listen to what the “man” says:

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Arnold’s Candies Stick Candy : Ho Ho Ho

Ahh, 6 year olds. Fun age, fun age.

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Sour Japanese Gummies from Genki Crepes in SF

It’s true, I got these from a crepery in SF.  Watch the magic unfold….



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Tic Tacs & Sex Symbols, Reviewed By The Kid.

Start the insanity:
Lessons from the 70’s…




Read more, err… I mean read the rating yo

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Albanese 12 Flavor Gummy Bears – The Best In The World?

Albanese Gummies are the “best in the world”.  According to them.  Let’s check it out, shall we?

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Trident Splash: Lil’ Squirts Review Juicy Gum

Here’s another gum review, ALEX.

Alex at one time bitched that we didn’t review gum enough, and to that, I agreed. Hell I like gum. The problem with gum? It’s one dimensional. It’s got flavor. And it’s chewy. Sometimes hard then chewy. Sometimes soft then chewy. But thats basically it. So reviewing becomes all about taste. And you can pretty much sum up taste with a few keywords: fruity, minty, fruity-minty, berry, apple-y, bubblegummy. Done.

Still, my littlest pup bought me a pack of gum to review. Jesus christ I love that kid. So we tore it ope and had at it. Watch.


Why don’t you leave a comment about how much you loooooooooooooooove gum so much ALEX

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Twizzlers Rainbow Twists: It’s OK, You can Like

Twizzlers or Red Vines, Red Vines or Twizzlers…The Hatfields vs. McCoys of the candy world. Or maybe more like Apple fanbois vs. Androidos – we are all expected to land on one side of the debate. Those of us who straddle the fence usually just get sore balls. (Like what I did there?) As readers may remember, my past tendencies have been for the old school Red Vines. They age like none other, and the taste is great. Ever eaten them AS you’re eating popcorn? It’s like the best cereal you ever had. Ever drink your Sprite through a red vine? No better way to harden up that bad boy.

And yet…I’ve found a new friend in the Twizz rainbow twist! The colors aren’t from nature, neither is the taste nor consistency – but I won’t apologize for liking them. Now it’s possible I’m starting to crave because we have them at work, and everything free at work seems to taste ok…but whatever it is..

twizzler rainbow twists

At work we only get 3 flavors but the real world appears to have a few more. Probably all as fake and tasty as the ones I’ve tried.

Like them too? Hate them? Leave a comment

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Heartizz: Gots Sour Fizz, Liz

Quick vid review for you kiddies!

Note that in it I say these are from Germany. And um … I think I’m wrong. It looks like these are from Netherlands. That’s what you get for doing a vid review BEFORE doing the necessary research. My bad!

Comment and see where to buy…maybe

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Happy New Year Means Make Your Own Gummies!


Actually, no. Happy New Year doesn’t mean make your own gummies. It means “it’s a new year – for the love of peet, try and be happy.”

Yet, here we are in 2011 with a new vid where my kids and I make some of our own gummies, after the littlest ‘un got a kit for xmas. You get to watch all the grueling details below. And then we eat them on camera. And then I’ll rate them. This is damn compelling stuff. How do we not get paid to do this shit?!


Click here for the score and to leave a comment

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Too Haute Cowgirls’ Popcorn Turns my Son into a Wild Beast

I love popcorn. I’ve documented my addiction to any savory flavored popcorn (sour cream & onion, cheddar, ranch, whatever), but I’ve never been a huge chocolate & popcorn guy. It’s good, but..for me it misses the salty mark.

Until now.

Peeps, I introduce you to my new friends : Two Haute Cowgirls, and their crown jewel, “Fistful of Fleur De Sel” popcorn.

Read more, yo

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Candy Gurus Do Germany – In SF! “Lehr’s German Specialties”

One of the first hidden gems we were turned on to in SF (Thanks, Lori P!) was Lehr’s German Specialties at 1581 Church St (between 28th St & Duncan St).  Come with us as we wade through the dust, disturbing magazines, and marzipan loaves.

(Oh and we think they may have misspelled the name on their window….shhh…it’s been like 35 years – let’s let this one go.)

Let us know if you’ve met Brigitte…

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Tru Sweet Candy Canes: A Halloween Treat!

Damn it’s been while since I’ve posted anything to our site. My BAD! However, I have been busy as all get out, and watching baseball just about every night throughout October so cut a guru some slack yo!

Candy Canes for Halloween?!
The fine people at Tru Sweets (or is it Surf Sweets since it’s the same company as far as I can tell…) have created an all-natural, gluten-free, corn syrup-free candy cane that tastes like something Santa could get behind. Watch all about it here:


Check out pics and rating

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Extra Dessert Delights: Short Lasting Cakey Goodness?

I’ve been asked countless times to review gum. Ahem. Alex. Ahem. And finally, I’m listening. My kids got their mom to buy a mint chocolate chip gum from Extra a few times and it smelled like… well, exactly that, and I never tried it. It just didn’t sound like my cup of tea. But the darned kids liked it so much, they’d finish it before I could even try and jump in myself.

So I decided I’d wait full tilt, buy some, and get it on video. And here we are. Interestingly, I couldn’t find the mint choco. But I did find Strawberry Shortcake and Key Lime Pie – 2 others in their Extra Dessert Delights line of flavors. I think there’s only three…

And here you go:

See final rating and comment

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Oreo Cookies: Football Shaped Goodness

Cookies on!
Yeah baby!
Ok no, we don’t usually review anything but candy. However, Oreo came calling with free cookies shaped like footballs, and if you peruse this site, you know that we love us some sports. And football be a sport. So I said, “Sure!” and they sent me a package, which looks just like the image right here (which I stole from

They taste almost exactly like your reg Oreos. Wait. No. They taste EXACTLY like the reg Oreos. The chocolate cookie itself though seems to be a bit more dense. And the overall size is bigger. But otherwise, all good. Watch the vid – you’ll see.


Check out the rating and/or commmmmment

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Goody Good Stuff: Strawb & Cream Natch Gummis

Sorry if you aren’t a sports fan – but if you are, don’t tell me this isn’t the greatest time of year baby!! My baseball team is in contentch (Go Gyros) and the optimism around my fave football team is palps! (Go Niners) Plus I have my fantasy football draft and the 5th pick and I’m torn. QB? RB? Do I even think of taking a wideout in the 3rd round? hmm. (I’ll know what I did by the time this posts – so look for an update in the comments.)

But that has nothing to do with candy.
This does:


You can learn more about Goody Good Stuff on their web site. All natural, vegetarian, and English. Whoda thunk?


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Ritter-Sport: New (and Old?) Chocolate Bars FTW

I may have eaten more chocolate over the last 2 weeks than I’ve ever eaten in a 2-week span because dammit if the Ritter-Sport people didn’t send us like 9 chocolate bars. You know Ritter… they’re the Euro-choco bars next to the cash register in your favorite fancy food store, priced between 2-3 bucks each, and you wonder who’s actually paying this much for chocolate?

I have no idea who is paying for what but I can tell you this: Ritter-Sport chocolate is good. Perhaps the best of the mid higher-end bars. Also, you get a lot. Don’t let the square package fool ya – these things have some heft, almost a quarter pound per bar, and even fat ol’ me couldn’t eat an entire package in one sitting. You may pay $2.99 but yr getting two solid feastings out of it.

Read/Watch/Experience more Ritter

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NEXT!!! (organics) Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Are Better Than This Review

Look, sometimes we hunker down, commit pen to paper, and write thoughtful, informative reviews.  Sometimes however, we drink beer all day while playing golf, and THEN do live video reviews-and not particularly good ones.

Judge for yourself though, and whatever you do, don’t miss out on this gem of a find:

Read more, yo

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Haribo Fruity Frutti: Of COURSE it’s good

I found new Haribo. I’m actually quite astounded. Aren’t you? I mean – how often do Jonny and I bitch about there not being more types of Haribo? ALL THE TIME. And now there is. It’s really quite remarkable. Watch the vid and you’ll get revved up to seek out Fruity Fruttis. Trust me on this – they’re good.

The Stars after the jump

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Foreign Candy Company: Rips it Up. Kinda.

Heyoooo! I review a bunch of Foreign Candy Company sweets in this week’s video, including Rips, Rips Bits, Rips Whips, Rips Hips and Rips Lips. OK the last two I made up. Overall – not bad.

I’m still tired of companies calling things licorice that don’t even have any Essence of anise. And I may completely lose it if another company markets their sour as the “Most Extreme” sour when it’s like all the others…But the folks at Foreign have some good stuff. Sorry for the length. Reviewing 5 candies in 6 mins isn’t that bad…

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Little Green Men: Waste of Space

Matty reviews the latest from Trolli. They look like green men, taste fruity, and are simply craptastic!

In case you want to know where to get these

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Vat 19 Gummy Shot Glasses : “Sgusting!”

First, the evidence:

Read more, yo

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Happy Goat Caramels: SO not Baaaad

These things are yummariffy.

Just watch.

Note that I say in this video I don’t know where to get these. I lied!

Click here and learn where to buy these!

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Scientific Explorer’s Sour Candy Factory Disappoints Children

Yo yo YO!

Check out this video review of Scientific Explorer’s “Sour Candy Factory”.  And trust me.  There ‘aint no factory inside:

Read more, nnnkaayyyyyy?

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Katje’s Tappsy – Marshy Licorice Hell

What do you get when you take three numbskulls getting burritos in the City, and give them 2 bags of spongey licorice crappiness? Hijinks.

Click here to see pics, to rate and leave a comment

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Puredent Gum- Chicks Don’t Dig On The Peppermint!

If you order a steak with mushroom sauce, you wanna see some Morels on top.


If you buy a $14 Margarita with nice Tequila in it, you want to see fresh squeezed lime juice going in there as well.


And when you eat candy, friends, you should want it to be as “all natural” as possible.  My reasons are selfish, and not necessarily “PC”- I don’t really care SO much that it’s better for me.  What I care about it is the taste.  And real things taste better than fake things.  Ergo sum, Q.E.D.  It’s just a fact.


So color me tickled when Puredent asked if they could send us some samples.  Note the semi-witty and ironic packaging.  Also note…the way the look packages exactly like most other gums on the market.  Not sure why they went that route, I know I wouldn’t have:



Read more, por favor

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A Cornucopia of Asian…Candy?

Check out Jonny’s take on the wonderful world of non-descript Asian candy…

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Fox’s Glacier Dark Are Amazing Yet Not Comfy

Check out Scotty’s review of these bad boys, then look at the pretty pictures!

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Haribo Bumix: Bad name. Bad candy.

I love Haribo. Hell – who doesn’t. But if this was the first and only thing you ever ate from that crew, you might hold a grudge or swear off German candy forever. Jonny, Scotty and I review these badboys on video. Our first video review. There will be more. And let’s all hope they get a whole lot better than this. But for now this will do. Thanks for readin…er..watching.



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