Haribo Sauer Fizzy Smurfs: Sour video review

Haribo and smurfs: Another go at making candy from a 70's cartoon show...

Reviewed by Matty

April 13, 2015

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Like German gummies?
Think they will be harder, tougher and darn well better than what we get in America?


I’d tell you all about these, but instead of reading all about it, wouldn’t it be better to watch all about it?


Heck yes.
Behold: a sweet little review. with kids.

Can you buy these? Not sure. I looked around the interwebs and do not see these exact things. I see these, and these…but both of those have lemon sugar and these we reviewed do not…hm. #HariboConundrum.

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  1. jonnyguru

    I LOVE these candies, let it be known. Would buy if I could.


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