We like candy. A lot.

This site started because we like candy. And talk about candy. And eat it. And now write about it.

From left to right we’re Jonny and Matty – middle aged dads (yes. deal with it. we’re not kids and we aren’t cute) with a love of sweets, particularly gummies & sours.

Our mission is to review candies honestly, revealing seriously underrated and hard to find treats. Feel free to let us know what to review. Cuz we’ll review it. We might also be crass. But always real. We take this candy thing very seriously. Ask our wives.

We’d love to hear from you. So send us a note about a candy to review. Complain about our attitude and our writing – whatever floats yr boat. You can email Jonny directly and email Matty directly, subscribe to our newsletter (see below) and of course follow us on the Tweeters or Insta.

Finally, we have to legally say that sometimes candy companies send us candy to review.  We never take money for these reviews, nor do we give preferential treatment to the companies that float us the free stuff. We’re not pulling in major revenue from this site. We do have affiliate links and ads. We try to make a few bucks to keep the servers on and pay our host.

But Candy Gurus is really all about the love of the sweet stuff. Because we’re trying to have some fun before we eventually die. You cool with that?