Cremino Bicalore: Bueno

When you want something sweet and hazelnutty from Mexico

Reviewed by Matty

May 28, 2012


We’re had our misgivings with Mexican candy. It all started rather poorly years ago when we tried some terribly weak sweets called Skwinkles. Perhaps hastily, we assumed all Mexican candy was poop.

Man we were happy to finally find out that indeed, there were some good buys down under. (Down under California baby!) Like these Vero Mango pops which are super delicioso.

Now we’re here with a new find, given to me from my friend and colleague Craig, who is the hosty with the mosty, always buying me candy. Something my other colleagues could learn from. Ahem.

The “Cremino Bicalore” (which I will use my Spanglish to assume means “Creamy Bi-colored sweeties”) are a hazelnut, chocolate praline mix. A tad overly sweet, as I find most Mexican candy, but pretty to look at and as the name suggests, nice and creamy. I’m a sucker for things with layers and creme filling. Mind you, the creme filling probably is all for looks as I can’t tell a discerning taste. The entire mini bar simply tastes like light milk chocolate with hazelnut. I don’t know if there is praline in there.

Mrs. Guru finds these plain and bland with an artificial aftertaste. The little chicks said “they’re really awesome”. But seriously, why do I even ask kids what they think of candy? It’s like asking a plant that hasn’t been fed in days what it thinks of water.

Still, I like these things. When you want a small bar with that creamy hazelnut feel, these Cremino Bicolore’s are good. Probably a good gift for the gramma who wants to feel international even though she’d never drive 10 miles outside of town.

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  1. cybele

    One of my coworkers brought these in a couple of weeks ago. I just couldn’t get into them. Waxy, too sweet and just lacking creamy oomph. 

    • jonnyguru

      Yeah, seems very “meh” to me.


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