Tamalitoz: Watermelon & Chili? WCGW?

Water, melon, chili, and you

Reviewed by Matty

November 13, 2018

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This watermelon and chili combo of the Tamalitoz is very Latin American to me. Which I love.

(Which I’ve learned to love. For some reason, in my early candy review career, I didn’t see the wonderfulness of the candy from south of the US border. I was dum.)

If you go to Mexico, for example, you can get fresh mango with chili powder sprinkled over it, on the beach, and it’s delightful. Refreshing. Spicy.

Now these aren’t mango, I know. But watermelon is also a fruit (…) and chili is spicy no matter where you put it. So I think these Divine Watermelon Tamalitoz, also a product of Mexico, are set up for success!


Yeah they’re ok.

The watermelon flavor is fine. Tastes like bubble gum though. I wanted it to be a watermelon Jolly Rancher and we get Hubba Bubba.

I like the texture. Of course I’m a hard candy fan. And these ARE hard. They seem almost brittle but there’s no way you are biting through these on first suck. Need to get these on the tongue for a solid 2 minutes before chomping down.

Still, if the chili is solid, I’m buying these forever.

And sadly, the chili is tame. I expected a Zotz-like sherbet-meets-heat inside and instead, we get a hint of chili with no real spice at all. The flavor is fine, it’s just not strong enough.

Pretty package. So much promise. But the lack of heat left this reviewer cold.

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  1. Benjamin Nelson

    And you still give it four stars?

    • Matty

      yeah, makes no sense. I’m dropping to 3 baby!


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