Jovy Mango Slices: Spot On Flavor

Flavor is like a real fruit. Gummy is like not a gummy.

Reviewed by Matty

September 4, 2018


Maybe I should apologize for all the mango candy reviews. This is my second in the past three months. Not everyone loves mango. I do though.

Jovy (a candy maker I thought hadn’t heard of previously) from Mexico, bags these somewhat-bigger-than-most-gummies Mango Slices “gummies”, and they are darned good.

First off, I found these at a new candy store in San Francisco called “Lolli and Pops“, which is a name I’m not in love with, but the candy selection is worthwhile. They have many of the old school favorites that a Powell’s would have, and loads of candies by country, such as these Jovy Mango Slices in the Mexican section.

Jovy as it turns out has loads of other Mexican candies us Gurus love. Like these Vero Mango lollies. Which makes a ton of sense now, because…

…For whatever reason, Mexico takes mango candy seriously and it shows. The flavor of Jovy’s Mango Slices are spot on. Not flowery or fake, but with a serious undertone of true mango that makes me think these are almost homemade. 5 stars for flavor.

The texture is where these candies lose a star, for me at least. Others will like it. It says ‘gummies’ on the package but really these are jellies. There is no hard chew like a Haribo candy will have, these are hard on first bite because the outside is solid with thick granulated sugar. But they quickly give-in and become a soft chew. I like jellies – I don’t love jellies.

These Jovy’s don’t have gelatin in them, AFAICT. Corroborating my ‘not a gummy’ theory. Instead it has sorbitol (a sweetener and diaretic… be careful, don’t eat too much) and sodium citrate for a little sour. It has tartrazine for the yellow color and I think only the corn starch gives them the texture.

TL;DR More jelly than gummie, these Mexican mango chews have a flavor worth buying. And if you’re a true jelly fan, these might be top of your list.

The only problem is… I can’t find these on the interwebsnet. Amazon has other Jovy candies, so start there.

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