We may be sour, but we know our sweets.

Spicy Mango Gummies: Are. For. Real.


They look like mango tear drops. Orange in color (although mangoes are more yellow right?) When you put them in your mouth, you get a strong fruity mango flavor. It’s not light. And it’s not spicy. Yet.

Then you start chewing (because who sucks on a gummy. No one.) and it is still just mango, until all of a sudden, the “chili” kicks in but I’d call it cayenne pepper. It’s not there, then it’s totally there. And it’s really spicy. So spicy that when I first tried these gummies, I could only eat one. I actually could only eat one; they were TOO spicy for me. I wussed out.

I know I know. Loads of Americans are thinking “spicy candy?! I eat it for the sugar, baby!” Yes. But. These puppies are fun to eat. And so spicy that they are surprising. Plus, the mango flavor is strong, good and right on.

There are two parts to the Spicy Mangos from Vidal, and you may not notice it at first. An outer layer that has the consistency of sponge, almost like the marshmallow part of a gummy frog, but softer. The other layer is similar but more gummy-ish. And that middle layer has all the spice. Which is why these Spicy Mangos start with no spice until you start chewing.

Look, whatever the mechanics, who really cares. These Spanish little darlings are super.

Vidal has put together a stop-in-your-tracks candy. How often can you say that about your general point-of-sale candy bar buy? How about never.


  1. I got a pound of these from my local WinCo not too long ago and they are now my favorite gummi candy!

    • I know right?

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