Tequila candy needs more um Tequila

If you love tequila, then you're not alone. Unless you are home alone drinking it.

Reviewed by Matty

November 3, 2014

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I actually kinda reviewed something like these before. They were a colorful, marzipan like version. This was years and years ago. Ok like two yrs ago when I was barely 23 years old.


My original review of this candy’s brother, so to speak, wasn’t terribly glowing. I didn’t like their texture nor flavor – 2 important elements people tend to WAnt to like when eating.

Not to mention, in general, I’m not in love with Mexican candy. Some of it is really unique and yummy, like these mango pops, other stuff like Skwinkles make me confused, a tad sad and scared.

Going into this I was skeptical but the guys at Crown Candies seem nice enough so I figured I’d give it a go. And I mean they do Look wonderful…


…like mini cinnamon churros minus the curly q. But they’re not churro-y. They’re about the size of a pinky and they are really really really soft. No chew at all, more like melt in your mouth. They’re squishy, and the sugar on the outside doesn’t seem to have any flavor. well actually I can’t tell. The cream in the middle is kinda good. I think that’s where the tequila flavor is held. They aren’t alcohol-filled though. Like, they don’t have overtones of an alcohol burn, it’s really underneath. The tequila flavor is there but too light. I wanted a shot baby! I got a taste.

The cream in the middle is like a soft caramel texture, very soft. But also rich. This is where the dulce de leche comes in. It tastes creamy and buttery. Light, in that these are kinda small, but heavy in that once I ate 2, I was very done.

(But what IS dulce de leche? I think it’s sweetened milk heated, but not sure it’s a taste I dig. Is flan dulce de leche? Not a fan of flan.)

My suggestion would be to change the packaging. You sure can’t take these out and put them back. Once they are out, you either eat or throw away. Too much sugar falling all over the place and too soft. They shouldn’t be handled multiple times.

If you like caramel type dulce de leche things, give it a try. If you like individually packaged sweets you can cram a lot of in your tummy, not sure these are for you.

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