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Spice up the new year with jovy candy

Dare I say this is the best and most unique candy out there? I dared.

Tamalitoz: Watermelon & Chili? WCGW?

Water, melon, chili, and you

Enchilokas: More Mango, B*&^hes

Nope. Sorry. Won’t apologize for yet another mango candy review.

Mui-Bon &

Mui-Bon &

If there was an online candy store with permanent free shipping, would you buy from them? Every day, or just monthly?



Who doesn’t want a box of snacks delivered to them monthly?

Serpentinas – slithering around bad taste

It's not fair to blame the masses for the faults of a few. Like, you can't say every Iranian is a numbnut; just the dumdum leaders who use religion to hide behind a fascist regime stuck in the middle ages. Similarly, just because there seems to be an inordinate amount...

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