Jovy's Chamoy Watermelon Rings Picante! package

Jovy’s Chamoy Rings Picante!

Spicy candy is here. Jump in.

Reviewed by Matty

March 4, 2024


Many many moons ago Jonny and I were asked by Big Candy (we don’t know which particular purveyor) to spend an hour with one of their marketing agencies and talk about the future of candy.

Smart of them to seek out a top (ahem) candy reviews site to get hot takes on sweets.

(Although I often wondered if they knew we were old dudes. Maybe not obvious until you dig deeper into our site. I have to think they talked to people 50 years younger than us, too. Right? The kids. The people who usually buy candy. Theymusta.)

Anyway, one thing I very much remember about the conversation, is my insistence that spicy candy was coming in big, and that candy makers didn’t want to miss out on the wave.

Lotta silence on the other end of that phone line.

“Huh,” they said. Which sounded just like, “This guy’s a moron.”

Perhaps true.

But now?

Well let’s just call it a little vindication.

Have you all seen – or more importantly – EATen any of the goods from Jovy? Because if you haven’t, you should.

Jovy's Chamoy Watermelon Rings Picante! pieces

Jovy is out of Mexico but they sell in the U.S. They have loads of spicy candy and un-spicy candy. Some of which you can read about in other Candy Gurus reviews or on their website. So I won’t go into their story here. Let’s jump into the goods.

Watermelon Rings with a Kick

You’ve had watermelon rings a million times. OK, maybe 15 times. But you’ve had peach rings a million times (Jovy makes those also in this Chamoy variety) and these, are those. Only… wait for it…. WAIT….they’re spicy.

The Jovy Chamoy Rings Picante! gots reals heat. They’re not novelty spice. There’s actual chili all over these gummies. Chili = pepper. And there’s salt. Like the spice-rimmed margarita you’re getting in Puerto Vallarta.

And like a deep licorice candy, you can’t just throw gobs of these in your mouth at one time, chewing like a cow, looking to add layers of back fat in one handful as you I normally do. No. With Jovy’s Chamoy Rings, we eat one at a time. A few in a row. And after about 5, we take a break. The same break we’d take after eating a slew of tortilla chips and hot salsa.

The Chamoy spice warms you up. Which is nice. It also didn’t get tired. I ate fewer gummies in one sitting, certainly, but I went back for more. And I expect all of you candy lovers who delight in flavors that are a little less than run-o-the-mill will have a similar experience.

The gummy candy is solid, chewy and semi-tough, while the watermelon-meets-chili makes it uniquely delicious.

My suggestion: Go to Jovy and buy these Chamoy Rings Picante! Watermelon flavor. Or got to Jovy and buy the peach ones – they were just as good. And have yourself an experience. Not just a sugar-habit-induced-eating melee like all the other nights.

And if you see those marketing people who thought I was crazy for suggesting spicy candy was the next big thing, tell em Matty says “I told you so.”

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