Trolli Mmmh! Green Apple Amazing

Green Apple candy when done right is so f*(&ing good

Reviewed by Matty

August 1, 2017


It was my birthday last week, people. 33’s going to be a good year – I know it.

Cleverly, people tend to give the Gurus candy for our birthdays. Jonny and I tend to get each other candy too. Somewhat expected. Howevs, Jonny came through with a batch this time that was really quite remarkable. Literally, it is worthy remarking on.

Jonny gave me 4 bags of pretty great sundries – but these Trolli Mmmh! were the stars of the show, standing out like Brad Pitt at a Department of Motor Vehicles.

Let’s take a couple of steps back for a sec. Trolli is a conundrum. Their stateside wares can be strong, like the Sour Brite Cubes…yet, they can be pedestrian, like the Sour Brite Bites. Yet, their German wares tend to be awesome, like these (poorly named) iGums. Point is: we just never know what we’re going to get with Trolli.

Cut to today. And these –

which are stupendous:

– Hard and chewy, even though they’re filled with that semi-cream like substance. They could be hard because they’re old, which is fine, if not better. It’s always good to know that a candy can age to perfection.
– Green apple flavored, and a strong contender for top 5 apple candies. Not far from the Jolly Rancher green apple which is the clear #1.
– Tangy. Sournessed and tangy.
Filled bag. It was teeming with the green apple morsels.

I honestly think Jonny may have not been thinking straight when he gave me these for my birthday. Of course I deserve presents, we all know that. But I would have taken Good n Plenty for F’s sake.

No matter. I”m buying more. At the link below. So you should.

Zolli Candy

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  1. mikeUK

    these shizzles look tasty. Yeah, trolli are quite the anomaly.. some of their products look garish and awful, whilst others are legit candy-treats.


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