“New” Trolli Sour Brite Bites, Bite

Life's too short for mediocre sours

Reviewed by Matty

May 31, 2017

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We used to shrug off Trolli as pedestrian gummies. We had a few bad dates and just assumed there would never be any chemistry. Perhaps unfair to them since we love Haribo so much – our judgment thus clouded.

And then we found some really good Trollis. Like their Sour Brite Crawler Eggs, which have a hard candy shell around a gummy morsel, or their Gummi Rocks, a sour gummy cube-like-mass worth procuring.

Now… we have these.

Yes the package says they’re new but they don’t look it. They look unremarkable – like yr everyday basic sour gummy bite from the dollar store.

Watermelon is a good flavor choice but if you aren’t as good as Jolly Rancher’s Watermelon, then you’re behind the 8 ball.

Sigh. These don’t taste like Jolly Ranchers – the only thing they have in common is their size. The sour is average and the overall taste-meets-texture is like those crappy sour straws that you always want to like but feel plasticky and fake.

Sorry. These aren’t good. Why get these when you can buy a slew of other sour gummies that are good? You wouldn’t. So don’t.

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  1. Susie

    The US Trolli gummies seem to be much worse than the German ones.. Shame really..


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