Trolli Gummi Rocks…..Rock.

Gummi inside, "hard" sour shell outside. New concept, and I LIKE IT.

Reviewed by Jonny

March 4, 2013


Trolli is a candy company founded out of Germany.  They make some of the best sour/gummy/chewy candies we’ve ever tried.  They have manufacturing plants in four different countries, and used to only sell their wares outside of the US.  In 1996, they sold the rights to make “Trolli” candy to an American company, “Favorite Brands”.  They in turn sold to Nabisco, which was bought by Philip Morris and merged into the Kraft Foods umbrella.  More recently, it was sold to Wrigleys, and finally to Farley’s & Sathers which two months ago merged with Ferrara Pan to (finally) land the brand under the merged company “Ferrara Candy Company”.


This is a super long winded way of saying that, while the German produced Trolli candy is superior, this pawned off American version of it sucks.  Doesn’t seem to matter which of the revolving new companies owns it, their products are bland, generic, and decidedly not special.  There’s been an exception or two, but generally, I refer to Trolli US as gas station candy.  So prevalent that you find it at every US gas station mini mart, but so shitty that you should just let it stay there.  Recently I saw these, and something about the look of them made me want to give them a chance.



Gummies in a semi thick, hard, sour shell.  These actually sounded refreshingly new and interesting.



I love the muted, dusty look of these.



This last picture shows that the shell is somewhat substantial. and that the fresh gummi inside has a staunch contrast to it.  I have to say, these tasted exactly like I wanted them to.  At first, seemingly hard, but your teeth expose that as fraud as soon as they give the shell a bit of a chew.  It gives, slowly, and the sour note is good, really more of a tartness. The unique thing about these is that there’s a semi-firm gummi inside, which contrasts so nicely with the shell.  I ate this whole bag and wanted more.

I’m happy to report that Trolli US has finally gotten another one right, so pick up a bag of these wherever you regularly shop.  Apparently they used to be called “Sour Brite Rocks”, which explains why I’d never heard of them.  Sour Brite?



If you can’t find them, hit the link below.  Yay America!

Zolli Candy


  1. Tonie Heath

    Looking to purchase a case or two of the Trolli Gummi Rocks please.

  2. Nita

    I love these! I’ve only found them in a Nevada mining town, but they were the best combination of shell and soft inside ever.

    • Ann

      Did you find them recently?!? They are the BEST!!! I haven’t been able to find them for years…

  3. Heather

    Please help me find these, I need them!!!

    • Jerri Tidwell

      Has any one been able to find these? I’ve been looking for years. No luck! It seems like as soon as I find a candy I really like they discontinue the darn thing.

  4. Jay

    Check out Trolli Sour Brite Eggs while you’re at it. Same concept, but with more of a jellybean-type shell.

    • mattycandy

      I like the eggs too. Underrated.

  5. Eunice

    My favorite Trolli candy!
    Finally someone decides to review them, so thank you for that.

    And although these candies are perfect, many of the time gas stations/stores put up old Trolli Rocks making them really stale and ruining the whole texture which makes me really sad… These delicious gummy candies are also hard to find.

  6. Matty

    wow these look good. I don’t know if they are good. I haven’t read the review. I just like the pictures.


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