Trolli iGums

These little crazies hold a secret. A delicious secret.

Reviewed by Jonny

December 6, 2013


So this bag came from The Suze, and I thought to myself, I thoughts….”umm..whaa?” (i thought that).



iGums?  Really?  I thought the days of tech (Phones, pagers) shaped gummies were over.  But then I realized that’s not what these are.  Nope.  These are letters, and a few emoticons.  You know…so you can spell out the phrases that we abbreviate…to make….shorter.  Somewhere in here there’s logic, but let’s not look for it quite yet.  Apparently the bag is ROFL 4U.  So there’s that.



Letters!  And that turquoise little ball thing is a “@” symbol.  For being so many miles away from Silicon Valley, Trolli really has their finger on the pulse.  Because thanks to them, I can now create things like this:



Actually…the colors on these really stood out for me, as well as the crispness of the edging on the pieces.  But…let’s get past concept and look, and move on to taste.  I grabbed a random orange F and…WHOAH.  Hold the presses.  Sure, I tasted a good orange flavor, but there was something else….a top layer flavor on top of it.  So I tried another-this time a blue one.  Tasty berry and BANG- there it was again, that additional level of flavor.  Did I like it?  I thiiiiink I did!  But I needed to identify it, so I put my mind to work.

How could I find information about the flavors of candy in a bag with a language I can’t read?  How can I somehow access information about the company in hopes of unearthing something?

You thinking what I’m thinking?


EXACTLY.  I wrote a letter.  A strongly worded letter, right to the top of Trolli!  After getting no response for several minutes (I’m extremely impatient), I hit the web.  And that’s when the most bizarre of bizarre revelations was revelated.  Or revealed.  Shown to me.


The flavors turned out to be:

red berries (red)

tutti frutti (orange)

blackcurrant (black)

fruity mix (yellow)

strawberry (blue)

But that’s not the weird part.  This is:

“all with a fresh hint of lemon balm or spearmint.”


Lemon balm OR spearmint?  What the hell’s going on here?  Who would ever decide to randomly assign an additional flavor to already strong flavors?  Spearmint or lemon balm?

Here’s the reality: whoever came up with this at Trolli needs a raise, and big one.  I went from knowing that I kinda enjoyed these on some level to complete obsession.  I started rationing them out to myself, as I knew this would be the last bag I’d ever see.  Now they’re gone.  And I want more.

The genius here is threefold: great textured gummies, good solid flavors, and the Russian Roulette stylings of spearmint vs. lemon balm.  It’s genius.  And you should get some.  Click the link below and make it happen, these are pretty darn unique.

Zolli Candy


  1. Leerwesen

    I always saw these at Rewe and thought they were run-of-the-mill gummies, but after reading this description I need to buy a bag. Too bad it’s 4AM and all the grocery stores here are closed.

  2. mattycandy

    So only avail on the interwebs and not brick and mortar? darnit


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