Trolli Blasts Sour Brite Cubes Right at You

We should probably apologize to Trolli because for years we (or at least I) ignorantly grouped them with Black Forest and other “general American gummies.” It wasn’t until I ate their Sour Brite Eggs that I realized they got some good goodies.

Just found the new Sour Brite Blasts:

And as you can see on the package, they be gummies with a squirty center. And they made me think of Freshen Up gum.

Opening the package, there’s a wonderful fruity waft, but I also notice that it looks like leakage. Some of the cute lil gummy cubes (which have the consistency of non-transparent gummy worms) had sauce on ’em. (Look at the far left one below.) Not a deal breaker, and the positive is that I knew the liquidy center was real (like Tom Savage), which I liked. Still, made the eating experience a tad sticky.

Here’s the main drawback: yes the flavors are kinda discernable – meaning each cube is very different by color and taste – but strawberry sure doesn’t taste like strawberry, blue raspberry has that tried and true blue thing going but it ain’t actual raspberry, and the mango couldn’t be more disappointing. Especially with so many great mango candies out there, like these, I just think you better darn well taste like mango if you throw that word on the package.

Yes, the square shape is novel and again, I appreciated the unique syrup middle, so these don’t get a ‘D’. But when I want something from the Trolli Sour Brite family, I’m sticking with the eggs.

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