Volcano Popping Candy: Stop & Pop these Bad Boys

Popping candy makes me do the robot

Reviewed by Matty

August 29, 2017

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I’ve eaten plenty of popping candy. Pop Rocks are the OG. Although fun to eat, in 2008 when Jonny first reviewed, we didn’t highly recommend them as “food.”

(Side note: Other ‘sparkling’ candy we do like, and recommend whole heartedly, is Zotz. They don’t pop and crackle in your mouth but they sizzle and put the tang in… tangy.)

So when I received these Volcano Popping Candy from super fan Grace, I wasn’t expecting much.

Which is why we all need to try everything at least once. You may think you know what something tastes like, or whether you will like it or not, but sometimes not. Such as these Volcano cola-flavored popping candy, which I loved.

The package came with 20 single serving packets. It was called ‘Family Size’ but I think they should just call it ‘perfect for all you candy overeaters.’ I ate almost all of them at one go. Why, you ask?

The cola flavor for one. It’s strong, and sweet and tangy and lemony and downright tasty. I want more candies to have this level of cola flavor.

The popping is additive and not just novel. With a tangy lemony cola, the popping is like a fizzy coke and darnit if it isn’t refreshing!

Sure, these aren’t dessert when you have your in-laws over, and they may not curb a hunger pang, but these things aren’t just an amusing little pleasure but actually good on the taste buds.

The bags below also have apple and strawberry. I can’t vouch for those flavors, but I say: buy.

(Hey – Jonny actually reviewed these in 2015 too. The Lychee flavor. I should have known he had, and did a freaking SEARCH on OUR SITE before I started. Still, note how much he liked them. See we know what we’re doing. Also, this is a different flavor, so it’s all good in the hood. Gurus still say: get. and eat.)

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