Volcano Popping Candy

It's time for popping candy to jump into the 22nd century.

Reviewed by Jonny

November 3, 2015

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For as long as I can remember, there’s been one popping candy: Pop Rocks. And while I had fun with them as a kid, their charm only takes them so far.  The experience was much more about the popping, not so much about the taste.

Recentyly, there’s been a trend of including popping candy in chocolate bars, and that’s fun too.  Still though, I haven’t given the question of whether someone could create a better popping candy much thought. Turns out I didn’t have to: Family Food Hawaii did it for us. Cleverly named, I present to you their take on popping candy: Volcano Popping Candy.


Awesome packaging. But hold up: lychee flavor?  Yep. It also comes in green apple, cola, and strawberry flavors. Check this feature out though, this is my favorite part:


Inside the big bag you get 20 tiny packets of the candy.  This is excellent, because the fun of eating popping candy, as we’ve already been over, is the popping. No one needs to eat an entire packet of Pop Rocks, it gets old. This Volcano packet size is absolutely perfect though. It’s a very small amount, but great for pouring into your mouth at once. Kudos to Family Food Hawaii for getting this right. They’ll last longer, go farther, and actually be a healthier treat this way.


Nope, not lava salt. That’s the candy!

*Any similarities to meth amphetamines, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Lets talk about the taste.  Wow. These take popping to a whole new level. The lychee is accurate, and sweet, and guess what?  It’s my least favorite of the four excellent flavors.  Jr. Is a green apple man, and I might agree about that being the best flavor. However, in my opinion the cola is just spot on and is a solid contender for first place as well. The strawberry is floral and sweet and tart….these flavors all rock.


Look what else they have up their sleeves: Fun Dip style!


These packages are smaller, and come with a lollipop flavored like the popping candy. You lick it, you dip it, you pop out. Genius.


The ONLY way this could be better would be if the hand was doing that iconic “hang 10” “Shaka Brah” thing.


But no worries, brah. These are great, and Jr. goes for this first out of his candy stash-and you should see his stash. He LOVES these, and I’m here to tell you that I do too.

Volcano popping candy is the rare candy that improves upon the original and takes it to the next level. Seriously, give these a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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