Mitsuya Cider: Tangy, Japanese & Hard as Nails

Look, I’m not saying I like Japanese candy more than any others. I realize I’ve been reviewing the shit out of them lately. It’s because I work with nice people like Karen who travel there and bring it back. Like the melon Kit Kats, which were just OK, and these Mitsuya Cider hard candies, that are just awesome.


Starts in with a vanilla cream soda thing. And kinda fizzy. Not quite like a Zotz but like 1/3 of the way there. The tingle comes in stronger as you suck on the hard candy. Unlike other Japanese candies, these aren’t as sweet, which I like. And man, these are hard. Like so hard. You know how when you get hard candy in your mouth, you start sucking, and then it’s a game you play with yourself to figure out when exactly you can bite through? Well, with these Mitsuya Cider thingies, I kept t r y i n g to bite in, but man oh man, I just couldn’t. I had to suck these puppies pretty small before my teeth could break them up. Dangerous, but I liked it too. Plus, as you keep sucking, the candy tang becomes even more overt and by the end it’s definitely a fizzy cream soda flavor. Yums.


Like so many Japanese candy, these come in 2 packages. And they are just plain hard. No special or soft center. So if you are looking for novelty, don’t look here. But for sheer original taste, and tang and even kinda sour, these are good. Procure below.


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