Haribo Sour Mango : Bust Out The Credit Card

Simply put: a hall of fame candy. If you like sour and you like mango, then this is for you.

Reviewed by Jonny

June 1, 2012

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“The Suze” as I’m gonna call her now (and if you don’t recognize the “Seinfeld” reference, then shame on you), my patron saint from Germany, sent me a bag of these a while back.  Recently, another friend who was traveling in India of all places brought another bag for me. I’m not sure why I waited so long to review these, especially given the fact that they’re chromosome-changing.  And we like that.


These might very well be the perfect sour gummy.  And I don’t say that without putting at least 10 second of thought into it.  These have it all: amazing genuine mango flavor- truly amazing.  It’s as if you can feel the strands and sinews of mango running though the fruit.  Or not.  That sounds..not so appetizing upon further review.  But they do a remarkable job of tasting like a perfectly ripe mango.  They handle the sour aspect absolutely perfectly.  Starting off sweet, a sour level just…expands as you chew.  It never gets gnarly, but it truly is sour, which makes the mango flavor all the more amazing.

I love these.  Mrs. Guru loves them.  Remember, she doesn’t really like sour candy at all.  So this is saying a lot.  Jonny Guru Jr. loves them.  This isn’t really saying anything at all, as he loves everything.  But the point is that these are ON point.  In the pantheon of winning sour gummies, I posit that these deserve a place next to Haribo Fruity Pasta, Trolli Bizzle, Haribo Happy Cola Lemon, and Haribo Fruit Salad.  They’re that good.

Buy from the link below- Our friends at Germanshop24.com sell these for THREE TIMES less than Amazon.com.  Happy shopping!

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  1. laurie

    I love these, and have gotten them at the gummi hall of fame:  Lehr’s German Specialties on Church St.

  2. Kendall

    I don’t “get” Seinberg. 

  3. Matthew Greber

    This is like everything I love – mango, sour, and Haribo! WHY aren’t these in Walgreens? Germanshop24.com, here I come!


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