Trolli Bizzl’s The Shizzle!

Sweaty candy 'aint a good thing.

Reviewed by Jonny

April 20, 2010


I don’t know what “Bizzl” means in German, but I’m assuming the same thing it means here–nothing.  However, since Snoop started the whole “Fo-Shizzle my bizzle” nonsensical dialect thing that’s since spread out to the deepest, whitest office spaces around the country,  we’ve all heard it by now.  Luckily, there’s now an official gangsta candy.  Trolli Bizzl:

For a moment, let’s talk about Trolli.

To me, Trolli has always been the crap candy company that makes the crap gummy worms and crap peach rings you can find at Safeway. That’s it. I thought they were an American company, oddly. I just didn’t think the Germans made candy that weak. However,…my friend from way over yonder has sent me more goodies, and I’m here to report that I was wrong. Big time.

The bag of Bizzl, which is just plain fun to say, looks like your garden variety gummies from the outside of the bag. However, the candy inside looks sort of…sweaty. Know what I’m sayin’? It’s almost as if there’s some sort of moisture inside, or the gummies themselves are leaving a sticky residue on the bag. Either way, not cool. So they had this going against them from the get go, which usually means bad things.

However, when I ate one, everything changed.  The taste is super good and fruity.  Sour in the perfect way- not TOO sour, not just tart.  But the thing that sold me on these guys was their consistency.  A little different from the usual fare I like, these were more of a combination of chewy and not chewy.  Meaning, you can easily bite through a piece (unlike hard Haribo gummies which take a li’l tugging), but you’ll end up chewing on said piece for quite some time.  Chewy, softer than normal, sour, and sweaty.  Odd to read that all together, but I LOVED these.  A bit of toothstick, but that rarely bothers me.

When it comes right down to it, the actual flavors that this bag includes are tops, and that sealed the deal.  There was actually a lot more in the bag than pictured above, but they were in my gut already as I couldn’t wait to chow them down.  These are hard to find, so you’re not going to stumble upon them here in the states by accident.  Here’s an online store where you can pick them up on the slow boat.

I had an aversion to Trolli before eating these.  I’m NOT a fan of sweaty candy.  Yet, I love them.  That should tell you all you need to know.  Go forth and sour out, friends.  And thanks again, Susie!




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  1. Susie

    Yeah! Mission accomplished – another convert, hehe..
    Glad to hear you like these!
    By the way – “bizzl” means some sort of tingly, sparkly, prickly sensation on the tongue, usually used when describing either sour stuff or champagne, for example.
    Great review – really looking forward to your expert rating on all the other stuff still hidden in your candy treasure chest, haha!



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