Haribo Happy Cola Lemon Fresh-They’re Not NOT “Avatar!”

Best. Gummy. Ever?

Reviewed by Jonny

February 17, 2010

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Every now and then, things just go right: my job has a rewarding moment, my kid learns to eat things besides Doritos and Tic Tacs, or a new episode of “Jersey Shore” comes on.

There, I said it, so what?  Yes, I watch Jersey Shore.  It’s a gorgeous disaster, and I cant take my eyes off it.  It brings me pleasure, what can I tell you?  But that’s getting away from the point.

The point here is that my pal Susie (the one who sent me boxes of goodies last year) from Germany came through once again.  It was on the bottom of the pile of sweets (which now sadly is extinct), hiding:

On first glance, these look just like the Haribo sour cola bottle gummies we know and love.  But they’re not.  These bad boys are spiked with lemon flavor.  Think of it as the lemon wedge you squeeze into your Coke at the pizza place.  Except these aren’t infected with E-Coli and other contaminants provided (free of charge) by your unsanitary staff in the kitchen.

No, friends- these are truly gemalicious-and here’s why: They have all the delightful feel and taste of the kind we can get here, but after about 2 seconds of chewing on them, you get bombarded with this absolutely genuine lemon wave.  The lemon and the sour cola flavor totally work together.  In fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that flavor-wise, these are in the top 5 of all gummies out there.  And consistency?  Top of the charts.

Speaking of consistency, one great thing about getting Haribo created for European markets (they have plants that make it for different countries) is that generally, they’re harder.  Chalk it up to  travel time, or perhaps the fact that Germans are more hard and grizzled than us Yanks, I dunno.  But generally, Haribo from over them there yonder has great chew–and these are no exception.

My first two candy loves were both found at the Farmers market in Los Angeles, on Third & Fairfax.  My first infatuation was Swiss Petite Fruits, and right after that, I found regular non-sour gummy cola bottles.  I remember so clearly adoring the flavor, the chew, the fact that a buck could buy me a big bag of them.  This is probably where I developed my candy hoarding problem (I’m working on it, people), but it still holds fond memories.

No longer.  Forget history, forget youth, forget hope.  Now I have these Lemony Fresh Happy Cola whenever I want them.  I found a place to get them, our fave, Germandeli.com.  Click here for the direct link to buy.

In case I haven’t been super clear, I’ll try to do so now: buy these.  These are, I truly feel, some of the best gummies available.  It killed me to do so, but I saved some for Matty and Scotty and they both agreed.  These are game changers.

Much like “Avatar”!  See, before “Avatar!” (I spell it with the exclamation point cause it’s more fun that way), there was “Ferngully”.  Before “Lemon Fresh” Haribo Happy Cola, there was simply…Haribo Happy Cola.  But now that “Avatar!” is out, …3D has been turned on it’s arse.  And now that we can all get lemony fresh…those standard ass-kissing non-lemony Haribo Happy Cola bastards better watch their backs.  Their days, much like every movie NOT called “Avatar!”, are numbered.



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  1. Krian

    I guess it’s actually the travel time that makes them less soft. I consider these a tad softer than regular Happy Cola. Not quite on the jelly-fruit “urgh-sticky”-level, but noticeably softer.

    You said you left this bag on the bottom of a care package, which actually would add considerable “aging” time. Did you get fresher ones? Do you still consider them less soft than regular Haribo?

  2. Matty

    A 10.
    Indeed. I would probably buy these every time I saw them. If I ever saw them anywhere on this island we call the US of A

  3. laurie p.

    my new life mission is to get my grubby mits on a bag of these bad boys.

  4. Susie

    Yaaaay – glad I hit the jackpot with these!
    Great review, by the way!

  5. greebs

    Yes, these are pretty much as good as it gets. Much like Ferngully and Avatar.


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