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You need to read this. This one's a keeper.

Reviewed by Jonny

January 24, 2009

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First of al, I have to apologize for our recent lack of reviews. What can I say? The holidays screwed me up, I’m tired, I’m fat, I have personal problems, I’m lazy, etc. Now, back to work…

We all know Haribo, or “The ‘Bo” as some around here like to call it, right? The inventors of the Gummi Bear, this German candy company can more or less do no wrong in our eyes. Their specialty? Gummies. And not just your garden variety crap-ass gummies you find in line at the grocery store, either. Nope, Haribo is committed to pushing the gummi envelope.

Folks, there’s never been anything more important than this.

Seriously! When it comes to gummies, there’s NO confectioner that can even stand near Haribo. The reason is that they produce an assload of different flavors-I mean, really different from one another. We’ve reviewed a few here on the Candy Gurus, but we haven’t even scratched the surface. The thing they do that we haven’t seen duplicated by any other company is their attention to consistency. It’s one thing to make cherry gummies, sour gummies, assorted citrus gummies, etc.-anyone can try their hand at that (and they’d probably lame out on the flavors). Haribo has different taste profiles for their different selections of gummies.

Gummi Bears? Hard, solid, thick. Clown fish? Creamy, softish at first, but dense and hard as well. Fruity Pasta? Chewy, soft, but with a bit of resistance. Twin Cherries? Seriously hard. And now we come to Fruit Salad-which are both very soft, and very chewy, but in a different way than any of Haribio’s other candies.

Haribo Fruit Salad is a mixture of 6 or 7 different flavored and sized fruit shaped gummies. They’re not sour per se, but they are dusted with a bit of citrusy sugar on their outside. And like I said, they’re not tough or overly chewy-in fact, they’re pretty soft when you bite into them. However, the dusty coating on the outside (combined with probably sitting on a dock in storage crates for a few weeks) gives the outside of these candies a nice aged feel. This results in an initial hard, chewy bite, that opens up into a soft explosion of flavor.

And as far as flavor goes, Fruit Salad is among the best of the Haribo family. There’s lemon, orange, and grapefruit wedges, cherries, apples, and at least 2 other flavors I can’t put my finger on. But dammit, the flavors are incredible. My brother is offically an addict, and I’ve pretended to keep my habit under control all these years. But when Cost Plus had a Haribo sale this mnth for a buck a bag, I went off. And then I went off eating them late at night. And then I ran out.

So there you have it.

I’m pretty sure that these are a very unique gummy-no one’s making anything like this, and for that I call them dumb. Because people rip off every crappy gummy around- how man iterations of “sour worms” have you seen in your local drugstore? A lot. Just be happy that Haribo exists, and for fooks sake, pick some of these up the next time you want to push the flavor and consistency envelope.

Every time one of you eats Haribo Fruit Salad for the first time, my brother grows a new pair of wings.

Bottom Line: Different, yummy, addictive. You have to try them.



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  1. Ash

    Literally chomping on my first bag now lord in all of my 31yrs y didn’t I ever get these gummies.? Must admit im addicted and buying more in just a min.

  2. Name

    These are similar to Bassett’s Jelly Babies in the UK. The secret is the firm crust; that’s probably done by rapid cooling. Nothing like it.

  3. Dan

    The two unidentifed flavors..they say they are apple and passion fruit. However i dont think its as straight forward as that. The green one doesnt taste like apple. Its tastes like passion fruit. And the white one of the same shape that you would think is passion fruit…i think its pear honestly.

  4. Ev

    Yeah, the Fruit Salad is a great classic. I lean a little more towards the grapefruit over these, the main factor being, the mixed bag factor. You can have a couple of the same flavor and stop, a mixed bag has so many flavors so you end up going through half the bag trying them all or going between them.

  5. Denise Ryan

    You crack me up. I think your opening paragraph qualifies you to be on Oprah.

    I now want to try these. And what are the flavors you can’t identify? A great mystery!! I think you should write Haribo. Maybe they’ll send you some samples!!

  6. greebs

    I’m not only addicted to these, I can’t quite imagine why this didn’t get a 10 out of 10 stars. Seriously.

  7. Swervie

    Yeah these are good. And these are the only soft chewy gummies that I actually like.


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