ChunGuang Coconut Candy: Holy Jesus these are Good


See, the Jesus reference is for the fact that we’re almost to Xmas! Timely.

And I swear to all things freaking holy these ‘re Da Bom Yo!

I know I know, in every review I write about coconut candy I say how coconut is for discerning adults since most kids don’t like the stuff. Well whoop de rah doo I’m writing it again: coconut rocks and is for us discerning adults because most kids don’t like the stuff.

Side note: why do Asian countries do candy so well? oh, figured it out: they get flavors better than us ‘mericans.

Let’s get down to candy brass tacks —

I got ChunGuang’s Coconute Candy and didn’t try them right away.

The package is lame and the oh-so-clever name “Coconut Candy” didn’t inspire immediate eating. So I gave a couple to Jonny, who when asked a few days later if they were any good, said they were “fantastic.”


“Do you like Werther’s?”


“Then you’ll like those.”

Hm. Color me skeptical. And yet – dammit if he isn’t right. Perhaps the 1st time for him, not sure, but right when I tried them, I thought coconut candies were exactly that. They even look like Werther’s.

The hardness? Like Werther’s.
The creaminess? Like Werther’s.
The taste? Nothing like Werther’s. Ok maybe a little, the overtones are there but the coconut flavor is honest and real, way forefront if not deep, and these aren’t too sweet at all. They gave me a warm feeling in my mouth (that’s what she said!), and really rich. A nicely confectioned, almost slightly toasted-tasting bit of smooooth coconut. I could eat a zillion of these things at one sitting.

My only issue with them is their packaging. Blue colors with a kid-looking font. Since kids won’t eat these, why not make the packaging for adults? Don’t go all Mozart balls on us, but chic it up a bit, all Tcho-like. Hey ChunGuang marketing team? You’re welcome.

Now if you want to buy these bad boys, go to Amazon!

All you coconut lovers: they rock the party party.


  1. In trying to think if I’ve ever had a coconut hard candy aside from these- I don’t think I have. Novel.

  2. Which SF Walgreens do you find these at?? I tried going to a couple and no one knows what it is!?! O_o

    • I found them at the one on Irving at 22nd

  3. I’m eating these right now, and it’s settling but not as good as they say they are

    • I better try them again. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve even seem them again.

  4. These are huge at my work. Rubbermaid in Akron, Ohio. I have a handful in my toolbox. TheRe are a lot of Asians of many different homage. I was curious about them since trying some that were given to me. They are amazing.

    • It’s great to work with all sorts of different cultures. Especially for the candy!

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