ChunGuang Coconut Candy: Holy Jesus these are Good

if you like Werther's and you like coconut, you'll literally make love to these. Just don't do it in public; it ain't 1976.

Reviewed by Matty

December 10, 2012


See, the Jesus reference is for the fact that we’re almost to Xmas! Timely.

And I swear to all things freaking holy these ‘re Da Bom Yo!

I know I know, in every review I write about coconut candy I say how coconut is for discerning adults since most kids don’t like the stuff. Well whoop de rah doo I’m writing it again: coconut rocks and is for us discerning adults because most kids don’t like the stuff.

Side note: why do Asian countries do candy so well? oh, figured it out: they get flavors better than us ‘mericans.

Let’s get down to candy brass tacks —

I got ChunGuang’s Coconute Candy and didn’t try them right away.

The package is lame and the oh-so-clever name “Coconut Candy” didn’t inspire immediate eating. So I gave a couple to Jonny, who when asked a few days later if they were any good, said they were “fantastic.”


“Do you like Werther’s?”


“Then you’ll like those.”

Hm. Color me skeptical. And yet – dammit if he isn’t right. Perhaps the 1st time for him, not sure, but right when I tried them, I thought coconut candies were exactly that. They even look like Werther’s.

The hardness? Like Werther’s.
The creaminess? Like Werther’s.
The taste? Nothing like Werther’s. Ok maybe a little, the overtones are there but the coconut flavor is honest and real, way forefront if not deep, and these aren’t too sweet at all. They gave me a warm feeling in my mouth (that’s what she said!), and really rich. A nicely confectioned, almost slightly toasted-tasting bit of smooooth coconut. I could eat a zillion of these things at one sitting.

My only issue with them is their packaging. Blue colors with a kid-looking font. Since kids won’t eat these, why not make the packaging for adults? Don’t go all Mozart balls on us, but chic it up a bit, all Tcho-like. Hey ChunGuang marketing team? You’re welcome.

Now if you want to buy these bad boys, go to Amazon!

All you coconut lovers: they rock the party party.

Zolli Candy


  1. Krissey

    These are huge at my work. Rubbermaid in Akron, Ohio. I have a handful in my toolbox. TheRe are a lot of Asians of many different homage. I was curious about them since trying some that were given to me. They are amazing.

    • matty

      It’s great to work with all sorts of different cultures. Especially for the candy!

  2. Luhh'Mimi

    I’m eating these right now, and it’s settling but not as good as they say they are

    • Matty

      I better try them again. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ve even seem them again.

  3. Nathan

    Which SF Walgreens do you find these at?? I tried going to a couple and no one knows what it is!?! O_o

    • Matty

      I found them at the one on Irving at 22nd

  4. jonnyguru

    In trying to think if I’ve ever had a coconut hard candy aside from these- I don’t think I have. Novel.


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