Long Boys Coconut: Like a Caramel. With Coconut

If you're the type who reads a few sentences to see if the flavor profiles jive with yours before reading on, let's cut to the chase: coconut. and caramel.

Reviewed by Matty

October 31, 2011

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And that’s pretty much it.

Shortest review ever?

If you’re the type who reads a few sentences to see if the flavor profiles jive with yours before reading on, let me cut (again) to said chase: coconut. and caramel.

I know that my pictures in no way do these things justice because they don’t actually look that good right? They’re hard to take pictures of cuz they’re long and light brown and well even typing that makes me wince.

As a kid I thought whoever invented coconut had to be kidding. Barely sweet, grainy and chewy, tropical but not fruity. What was the point? Now I’m a a boring ol’ adult and godarn I love the stuff.

These things are about 3 inches long so their Long Boys name is apt. They could have the propensity to stick in your teeth but not like a Sugar Daddy or Milk Dud. They’re easier to eat than those.

The coconut flavor has more “roasted” than your average coconut-in-candy taste, and that’s good. Very edible.

They are made by Atkinson, makers of Chick-o-Stick a Gurus’ Favorite, and these folks have been around since 1932 which at this point, is a long time, huh. I’m guessing by the packaging on the Long Boys that they have been around since 1950…with the same packaging. Which I like.

Let’s cut to the chase:
– Roasted coconut meets caramel. (Chocolate version too). Not too chewy but chewy enough. Old school packaging and taste but worth buying and eating IF you are a fan of coconut. Which all you adults should be by this point since you’ve likely adequately dulled your taste buds with cigarettes and beer.

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  1. Rodzilla

    I’ve never come across these, but I love chick-o-stick. Thanks for making me aware – I’ll look harder.

  2. Jonny

    I love these. Classic. I throw a handful in my basket every time I’m at Powells.

  3. cybele

    Agreed! I eyed a box of those on Saturday when picking up Halloween candy at a local wholesale store. I still might go back and pick some up for “personal use.”

    I ended up with two tubs of the Chick-o-Sticks minis. Wonderful candy … really, both are terribly underrated. Thankfully they’re still around even if they don’t get all the glory.


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