Haribo super mario

Suddenly I’m in Santa Cruz, it’s 1990 and I’m playing Super Mario til 3am every night. Again.

haribo Donuts. Whaaa…no cinnamon twist?!

When donuts are gummies then breakfast just got a whole lot better.

Fruitella Soft Gummies, Naturally

Puree in candy? Sounds uppity. Luckily with candy we care about flavor – not vocabulary.

Brach’s Mellowcreme Caramel Apple

We love that Brach’s is all innovating and sh(*

Trader Joe’s Sour Jelly beans

Are they really sour? Uh…YES. YES THEY ARE.

Vollmilch-Münzen: Hazelnut and milk are delightful

Don’t overlook old school German candy yo

Haribo Cherry Cola

Two flavors that are better together than alone

Haribo Rainbow Sour

Haribo Rainbow Sour

A sour rainbow might SOUND terrible and sad, but according to science (we think) it’s not