Bubblizz Bomb: Zotz Part Deux

Zotz wunderkind.

Reviewed by Matty

June 25, 2016

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Ever had a Zotz that tastes like Bubble Gum?

Me neither. Til now.


We Gurus love the Zots. We like the candy that isn’t Zotz but TASTES like Zotz. We love European fake Zotz.

I think yr getting my drift.

So I was in France this week and there was a container filled with these little Bobblizz Bomb rascals from Lutti, and although I assumed they’d be lame, I should have known better because they were French and the French people make good food.

Like these fake Zotz.


Which taste like bubble gum. I mean EXACTLY like bubble gum. But they are hard as nails. And they don’t become chewy. They just crumble. With a fizzy center. That tastes just like Zotz.

Need I say more?

I brought a bunch home and for some stupid reason I’m giving most to Jonny. I’m not smart.

But you are.

Because you like Zotz too. And all the candies that taste like Zotz.

Procure these.

In French.

Mon Dieu.

Zolli Candy


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