Ahoj-Brause Halloween Bonbons : Is it Halloween Yet? Please?

Some people "don't like hard candy". These are the same people that "aren't allowed to be near children" and who "eat their own dandruff". I'm sure of it.

Reviewed by Jonny

February 8, 2013

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I’ve tried Ahoj-Brause Bonbons before: they’re like the German version of Zotz: little delicious hard candies filled with fizzy powder.  But these….these are different.  Halloween-ified.



Three special flavors, all competing to win my heart: super sour orange (why WOULDN’T I want to eat that?), magic blue blueberry, and cola chili.


All I’m saying America, is…Germany is really kicking our asses in the candy department.  Cola chili?  I haven’t yet seen the combination of cola flavor and chili heat, but I LIKE THE IDEA!  Here’s the only problem:



This is the contents of the bag.  Notice a theme?  Not so much of anything besides the orange.  To be precise, I got 2 cola chilis, about 5 “magic blue blueberry”, and a metric shit ton of the orange.  Ordinarily I’d moan about it, but…these are so damn good I was just happy to have what I had in my little hot hands.

NOTE: If you happen to be living in the town of Germany, and you happen on bags of these, please know that I will gladly pay you to send them to me.  This is not a lie.  These are amazing.


here’s what they look like up close:



Super Sour Orange: These start off with a nice, tart orange flavor, but as is with all these flavors, there’s just something a bit different and more exotic about it.  Some tropical note that I can’t put my finger on, almost mango or peach.  Pretty soon, the sour fizz starts to release, and then it’s mayhem.  Sour, sweet anarchy.

Magic Blue Blueberry: This blueberry is fantastic.  Again, a little different than the standard blueberry yogurt flavor we usually get.  Cool, tangy and blueberryish.  The sour isn’t quite a sour as the orange, but then again, that’s why the orange is called “super sour”.  It’s not rocket science, people.

Cola Chili: Ahh, cola chili.  As with any spicy candy, I’m dubious, as they’re usually not very good.  This one however?  Chromosome rearranging.  I had no idea cola and chili could make such a  supreme flavor together, but it makes sense.  The taste starts out all cola.  Delicious but standard cola.  Then as it blooms, the chili heat comes in, and stays for the aftertaste.  It’s almost as if the heat builds off of the nuttiness of the cola.  Really, it tastes like it’s a classic flavor, something that works together so well that you’d never second guess it.


Bravo, Ahoj-Brause.  BRAVO.

These are my favorite kind of hard candies (along with Zotz), as you get a little more bang for your buck, and they’re generally just more dynamic.  Sometimes the fizz all comes out quickly, sometimes it’s a slowburn.  Either way, it’s hella good.


Alas, I can’t find these for purchase anywhere, so it’s gonna come down to random acts of kindness for this one.  Beg, borrow, or steal, but just make sure that if you DO run across these, that you pick up a few of the delightfully large bags for yourself.


And one for me.

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  1. Krian

    I haven’t seen this special “blend” even in Germany for about 5 years, not even around Halloween. But as Jonnyguru said, you can get the regular stuff (either a woodruff/orange/lemon/raspberry mixed bag or a cola-only bag) with a bit of looking all year long.

  2. jonnyguru

    You can get similar fizzy hard candies made by ahoj-brause, just not these favors specifically. A google search will point you towards a few German based food and candy sites that ship to the us. It’s these that we have to track down!!

  3. susie

    Jonny, you should have told me earlier you loved these! Saw them in the shops until about three weeks ago.. Now you will have to wait until September when I can get you some more. But don´t worry – there is some more good stuff on the shelves over here 🙂

  4. Matty

    Essentially you are saying ‘there’s a really great candy out there, but you can’t get it here.’ Great!

  5. Ev

    Zotz are awesome, so anything better than them is worth checking out. I have to see if we can get these from anyone, maybe a distributor carries them


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