Trolli Sour Stixi

With a pretty unique consistency, this offering from Trolli continues their track record of excellence overseas

Reviewed by Jonny

May 2, 2013


Eating these Trolli gummies gave me an idea for my next review.  I think it’s time that we did a run down of all the different types of “gummi” candies out there.  On the surface, they might all seem the same, but there’s some distinct differences in texture and chew that really should be documented.

If not for us, then for our kids.

First though, I give you Trolli Sour Stixi.



At first glance, I thought these would taste just like Haribo’s Riesen Pommes, a fine confection in their own right.  But they don’t.  Nor is their consistency at all similar.

Effervescent with citrus delight, I think these come in orange, lemon, and pink grapefruit flavors.  There’s no artificial colors, which doesn’t result in the usual bland palette that nature usually provides.  These things pop.



The real story here is the “kind” of gummie these are.  In terms of Haribo, these are more similar to Haribo Fruit Salad than Haribo Gold Bears in consistency.  They’re not a solid, compact dense chew like the bears.  And whereas Fruit Salad is soft, provides a bit of chew, but ultimately is closer to a fruit gelee, these kind of bridge the gap.



Think of them this way: the outside “shell” of the gummy is a bit more world-worn and tough than the inside, much like Fruit Salad.  But you can give these things a lot more chew than the Fruit Salad, as there’s a little “spring” to them.  They’re more feisty than the Fruit Salad-they refuse to be eaten quite as quickly.


Ultimately, these are tasty.  They’re not my favorite gummies of this type, but they’re still really good.  The reason I give this disclaimer is that after 5 or 6, I’m ok not having any more.  Usually with a killer candy, I can’t stop, I don’t wanna stop, and thus… I eat a lot.  These on the other hand, perhaps look JUST a bit better than they taste-maybe that’s it.  But they’re still superior to 90% of sour gummi products we find over here.

The link below is from our favorite impossible to read German online store : but at least they ship to us, so use Google Translate and fire away.

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