Haribo Riesen Pommes-That’s Fruity French Fries to you, pal.

Charlize, Natalie & me. And some of these.

Reviewed by Jonny

June 12, 2009

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There’s certain benchmarks in life that everyone (ideally) goes through:
1. Learning to walk, talk, and poop in a toilet.
2. Getting your driver’s license.
3. Losing your virginity.
4. Finding the perfect candy.

I’m guessing most of you have completed steps 1-3, so we an just skip to #4. The perfect candy. The thing that made us start this wacky web site in the first place. Ladies & Germs, I present to you, the candy equivalent of a 3-way with Charlize Theron & Natalie Imbruglia (yes, I’m specific):

Haribo Riesen Pommes.

The thing that makes these so bomb is twofold: flavor, and consistency. The flavors are so in my wheelhouse, it’s like Mr. Haribo asked me what I’d prefer before he made these:

Sour Apple

I should say that all of these flavors are tart-not too sour, but very pleasantly tart. The flavors themselves are about the best representations of the actual fruits that I’ve ever tasted. The grapefruit…is just about as good as the above mentioned threesome, if that’s possible. All of them are bright, full flavored, and complex.

Consistency-wise, these are perfect. Hard, chewy, firm, yet not tooth breakers in any way. You could easily take a few minutes to eat one fry if you so chose, so a little goes a long way.

Of course, the inevitable downside is that they’re hard to get. REALLy hard. In fact, the only time I bought them in a store I was in the French West Indies. Rest easy though- the fine folks at GermanDeli.com (thanks for the photo, by the way!) stock these pretty regularly in plastic tubs.

I can’t say enough about these-the fact that you’re reading this site means that you dig candy, and that means that you MUST NEEDS try these little delights. Do what you need to do, but get some. It’s gonna change everything.



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  1. Scotty

    So I was a chocolate guy. About 3 years ago Jonny and Matty said they were making a big order from German Deli – really I had no idea what that even meant. Great – can’t wait. Seriously they must have ordered 20 pounds of candy and that’s before Candygurus. Tasting these bastards changed everything for me. They are so superior to any gummy candy I have ever had and I’ve had plenty now.

    So if some hotty – famous or not – wants to dangle these into my waiting pie hole great. But I’m just fine with a tub of these in my jammies, on the couch, watch Monsters Inc. for the 48th time with my 2 year old.

  2. Rosa

    Those must be the giant version of the Mini-Frites I tried in France. They were sooo good; I should’ve filled my suitcase with them.

  3. Matty

    Another 10.
    And so agree.
    And if charlize wants to feed these to me then seriously she can. totally fine with that.


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