Trolli Choco Bananas Made Me Rethink Everything

Bananas are bad, nnnnkaaaay?

Reviewed by Jonny

April 6, 2012


Something weird is happening to me.  I’m changing.


All my life, I thought I didn’t like banana candy.  But in hindsight, perhaps my favorite candy of all time has a banana among it’s flavors, I just never thought about it.  And last month, I ate a whole bag of Haribo Bananas.  And loved every minute of it.
So I get these in the mail:

And my first thought is…oh no.  Hell no. Of course though, I’m not gonna not try them, so I got them ready to photograph:

To me, they looked like Peeps with a most likely artificial chocolate inside.  When I was done snapping the pix, I popped half of one in my mouth…and yet again, was surprised: not bad!

First, let’s clarify a few things.  Whereas the Haribo Bananas were similar to Haribo Primavera (firm, gritty, with body and a sugary yet chewy consistency), these are basically Peeps.  Just as they looked.  And I hate Peeps, truly.  No love lost between me and them, Easter be damned.  I’ll take jelly beans instead.

Anyhow, these are Peeps with chocolate inside.  But damn it if it doesn’t work for some reason.  Matty came over the day I opened them.  I offered him one, he waved me off with a look of disdain-Nay, a look of disgust.   I encouraged him to try it.  He did, and he liked it.  Then I offered one up to Jonny Guru Jr.  He took one bite, and immediately rolled up the bag, saying “oh no no no, these are WAY too good.  Gotta save them for later”.

What the hell is going on here?


It seems I DO like banana candy.  And now I’ve figured it out : I don’t like actual bananas.  Banana candy, yes.  Bananas, no.  So there you have it, a little self discovery for a Friday.  You can pick these up from our friends at, using the link below.


Oh, and happy Opening Day!  GO GIANTS!

Zolli Candy


  1. Alex

    These are like an inside-out version of the Casali Schoko Bananen which I’ve seen randomly pop up from time to time in the major chain drugstores here in New York. They’re actually pretty great, with an authentic-tasting, if not odd, spongy-textured ‘banana’ interior.

  2. Matthew Greber

    Personal growth through candy eating — amazing!

  3. Cordovamama

    I wish it was easier to get the candy you review. I hate paying shipping, especially on candy! I love your reviews though.

    Go Giants!

    • jonnyguru

      I wish too, cordovanama! One day it will be much easier, but for now, we gotta take what we can get.



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