Haribo Bananas – Ryan Gosling’s Favorite

I recently read an interview with Ryan Gosling- because I’m on vacation and there’s shitty magazines like “People” and “Us” everywhere. In addition to breaking down all the reasons why he’s so dreamy (treats women like he treats his mother, is interesting, takes ballet lessons, blah blah blah), he was quoted as saying something to the effect of:

“the best thing about being an adult is the ability to buy candy wherever and whenever I want to”.
Boom. So…yeah, I now like Ryan Gosling. Add me to the list that includes all the women I know, except my wife who claims he’s too shrimpy. I don’t know what she’s talking about, I was completely lost in his eyes during “Drive”.


To be honest, I have no idea if Ryan knows his shit or not when it comes to candy. But let’s just say for the sake of argument that he does, which means he loves Haribo. We recently scored a big bag of these Haribo Bananas, and to be totally honest, I was skeptical. I thought they were marshmallow candies, something I just can’t get into. Turns out I was wrong. Check out the close up:


These are exactly the same kind of confection as Haribo Primavera. It’s a …spongy, chewy delight that starts off solid, but breaks down nicely. The banana flavor is full and authentic, and not without the requisite Haribo tangy edge that makes their candies so addictive.

Normally I don’t like banana anything, including bananas. They’re just too one note- too sweet. But…I ate this whole bag in two sittings. And it was a huge bag. And I got a tummy ache. And it was worth it.

Due to the constraints of doing these reviews on the beach, I can’t use our fancy-dancy ratings tool. But I’ll give these a solid three and half stars- absolutely worth buying if you ever come across them.

And I like to think that Ryan would enjoy these after stepping on a bad guy’s skull repeatedly, or after schooling a doofus on the finer points of being suave. Or after smoking crack in high school- that’s the stuff!

5 thoughts on “Haribo Bananas – Ryan Gosling’s Favorite

  1. Where can I buy these other than Amazon? I love these and used to by them at a Europe Grocery store in Jacksonville Fl. but they don’t carry them any more. I also like the Strawberry. Please help me I am craving them.

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