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Top Candies that’ll Warm Your Heart During Winter. We mean Spring. Really whenever.

A rundown of old school candies you should know about if you don't already know about them.

Reviewed by Matty

March 9, 2023

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I don’t know where you live but where we live, there’s been almost non-stop rain, a second “atmospheric river,” and more snow in the mountains than we’ve seen in decades. So even though the calendar has hit March…it sure ain’t Spring.

Luckily, we have the joy of candy. No matter your age, candy makes us all feel young and fills us with happiness and giggles. #Didyouknow the average American eats about 8 lbs of candy in a year? Feels like a lot, no? And of course part of that is because there are so many new commercial candy options available. The Candy Gurus can barely keep up. Just check out Reddit’s Candy subreddit daily to see new things people are eating.

Still, we think today’s gen Z, Y even X may be missing out on the experience of eating traditional sweet treats. So this winter, as you hunker down for what looks like even more inclement weather, let’s introduce your loved ones to some of the good ol’ classic candies, and include some of the best ones to try.

Maple Truffles

Maple isn’t just for breakfast, people. These truffles are decadent, made with maple syrup of course, which gives them a slightly woody taste to the treat. The sweetness is toned down with a coating of creamy chocolate. Often you can choose from dark, milk, and white chocolate, but the white will tend to make it overall sweeter. Perfect for children who want a super sugar buzz and grown-ups who like their desserts rich. Check out See’s versions or Stutz Candy’s. Yum.

maple truffles from Stutz candy maker

Maple truffles from Stutz candy makers.

Chocolate Dipped Mints

An all-time favorite among Americans, these chocolate cookies are. The chocolate coating has a mint flavor, hence the name, and is maybe most popular as a famous Girl Scout cookie. There’s another alternative available to this – double-dipped chocolate mints. These have a mint filling and are dipped twice in different types of chocolate. They are a delight. And we don’t care if mint reminds you of toothpaste. It’s refreshing!


It’s cold. You need a hot cup of cocoa while you curl up next to the warmth of your pet, near the fireplace, and you need a treat to go with it that’s not called “Sour Patch Kid.” May we suggest some fudge? Perfect for each other — the hot cocoa pairs the smoothness of the fudge with the creaminess of the drink. And as most people will say “More chocolate is better than no chocolate.” Fudges are quite versatile too. Available in a wide range of flavors, some of our faves include rocky road, salted caramel, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate walnut, and vanilla. Fudge and hot drinks. Maybe dip it in there. Heck, you do you.

Fudge bars from Stutz candy makers

Fudge bars from Stutz candy makers

Peanut Brittle

Did you know peanuts lower cholesterol? Well they do. I wonder if you eat them in brittle, one of the most delicious ways to consume peanuts, it will still lower cholesterol. Hm. I’m not going to Google it to find out because I don’t need more disappointment. Still, peanuts are known to be packed with nutrients and pair well with both sweet and savory dishes. Peanut brittle is the bomb sweet — the super crunchiness of the caramelized sugar coating matching perfectly with the richness of the peanuts. Eat them whenever! As a mid-day snack or a quick pick-me-up! Don’t tell your parents or wives or kids. Or do! Careful though: brittle be addicting.

Spiced Candy Drops

If you’re someone who enjoys chewy treats, then these are worth the try. These gummies maybe more jellie-like sweets are flavored with a hint of spice, giving them a bit of a kick. Some popular flavors include cinnamon, spearmint, clove, anise, and wintergreen. Good gift for Christmas. For all the adults out there – enjoy these spiced drops with a glass of mulled wine. Drop them IN the wine, drink, consider what you’ve done, then move on.

Peppermint Candies

Today we find big food giants making peppermint-flavored drinks — we call them Starbucks and “Frappuccinos” and the youths are familiar with them. But it’s time to introduce them to the real deal. One of the most iconic candies that are said to have existed since the 1670s, peppermint candies are loved by a lot, and we daresay they should be loved by even more. Found in various shapes, candy cane being the most popular of all, the sugary-minty flavor of the candy gives you chills during snowy winters – which is why it is a staple Christmas treat. May we suggest you check out these recently reviewed Christmas Nougats?


Here’s a treat that not a lot of people know about. You probably don’t even know how to say it. These international treats are small thin discs made with chocolate and then covered with colorful sprinkles. Super cute. Maybe you DON’T want to eat them! But once you bite into these, the crunch of the sprinkles and the decadence from the chocolate will make you go “yeah ok. I LIKEY.”

Ending on a Sweet Note

Yeah that was a lot of the basics on tried and true candy. We had to get out there so you can make your own decisions about what to like and read about. Still, we advise you eat sweet treats in moderation and in controlled amounts… NO WE DON’T! ok we do. A little. Depends how old you are. But these candies have a rich history behind them, and traditional confectioners make them with a lot of love and heart. Which is why we like to write about and review sweets from the not-so-corporate small purveyors. So go out, enjoy these sweet treats during spring-I-mean-winter with your loved ones!

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