Brach's Christmas Nougats candy package

Brach’s Christmas Nougats – Just in time for Valentine’s Day

If you think Brach's is just for gramma's well you're right but it's also for grampas so yeah.

Reviewed by Jonny

February 8, 2023


This happens a lot. I go on /r/candy on Reddit, and see my fellow candy junkies raving about something I’ve never tried. So of course, I find it, I buy it, and I try it. I’d say that the success rate for me — meaning me agreeing with the Reddit folk — is very high. Prolly around 75%. But would it be this time?

Three pieces of Brach's Christmas Nougats candy individually wrapped

These come in three flavors: peppermint of course, wintergreen and cinnamon. At first I was disappointed by the chew: I wanted it to be harder, as I generally love a tough chew . So when they easily broke apart, I THOUGHT I was going to be bummed, but then the consistency sort of firmed up a bit, leaving them firmly in the middle of the road firmness territory. But for these, it’s all about the flavors.

And I think that’s where these fell short. I ate the cinnamon first, and that was nice. A mellow, fine flavor. But having two mint flavors? I would have preferred a cranberry or something similar to pair with the peppermint, because the wintergreen tasted like toothpaste.

C’mon fam, you know it does.

Doesn’t mean it’s bad, per se. But I can only eat so much candy (back fat, ya know), and thus eating toothpaste-adjacent sweets isn’t for me.

Brach's Christmas Nougat out of the package and bitten into

Still though, this big, generous bag seemed to get smaller and smaller as the vacation week with my family trudged on.

Yes, people like these. No, it’s not a mystery to me why. But, ultimately, not my favorite.

If you want to try them, find them in any pharmacy frequented by old people.

Or on an ecommerce site also visited by old people.

Zolli Candy


  1. J

    Like peeps, these are better texturally stale.

  2. Rebecca

    I do like the peppermint and cinnamon flavors. But only once a year.

    • Isabella



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