Toblerone: Crunchy Almond

A poem for the Swiss chocolatier in us all

Reviewed by Matty

May 28, 2019


Swiss chocolate is good chocolate
It’s creamy can’t miss chocolate.

Toblerone: it’s tried and true
Toblerone: is old. Not new.

Almonds are common in candy type bars
Not good if yr allergic, still, often the stars.

Tasting this new bar (at least new to me)
Reminded me of the old bar: good, but samey.
Yes there were some nuts in there,
A change in flavor but just by a hair.

So if they’re good, as usual
would it be delusional
to write a new review?
I say read the last one  – and adieu.

Zolli Candy


  1. Raras

    You people are amazing. Pls never stop writing reviews

    • Matty

      Raras: Thanks so much!

  2. mikeUK

    haha! awesome.


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