Toblerone Dark Chocolate: It Ain’t New but it’s Novel

It's old. But when you eat Toblerone, you'll think it's like Virtual Reality meets Augmented Reality. Only with chocolate.

Reviewed by Matty

May 28, 2016


Can you believe the Gurus have never reviewed any kind of Toblerone chocolate?

Me neither!


The thing with Toblerone is that it’s by far the most unique old school chocolate bar in terms of flavor and texture. Yes – all the various chocolate makers from Hershey to Ritter, from Nestle to Cadbury, have unique tastes, and when you eat enough of them, you know what is what. But Toblerone by default is very different. Their ‘normal’ bar has an almond nougat that provides a great little chew to the bar. Chewy chocolate that isn’t taffy? Ribald. Plus, they add in honey, which gives the bar a different kind of sweetness and aroma.


Toblerone is also the only bar I can think of in a pyramid shape, that has its pieces divided as easy-to-eat sections, so you don’t need to gobble down all of it at one sitting and it holds well in it’s sturdy packaging.

DareIsay it’s one of my favorite bars purely because it’s so original. None other like it. Milk chocolate is the default goto for most, but try the dark. DareIsay it’s less sweet and has deeper cocoa tones. And us adults, we like dark chocolate more. AmIright?

If you are the kind of candy buyer that overlooks the tried and true and goes for the niche and weird – good on ya. BUT, when you want some chocolate that you know will be better than your basic run of the mill bar, I’m telling you, get a Toblerone. It’ll be swisstastic.

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