SweeTARTS Gummies: Really? We haven’t reviewed these?

I expected run of the mill. Boring. Typically American gummy candies. But I got a nice little surprise. These SweeTARTS Gummies are actually pretty good.

The package looks a little tired and I honestly couldn’t believe the Gurus hadn’t reviewed these yet – they seem so obvious for dumdums like us who might just eat old school, sourish gummies for breakfast.

But don’t judge this eBook by its Kindle cover.

Yes I admit I’m not entirely sure the flavors here. Here’s what I think we got:

Blue appears to be a slightly more sweet berry.
Red is a similar sweet cherry I want to say ?
Green is definitely green apple.
Orange must be orange but with the tartness, I think they could get away calling it tangerine.
Purple is fake grape (which you know I love). They could even go deeper on the fakeness.

So, no,  you won’t write home about the flavors, #butstill, could you tell me the actual flavors of original Sweetarts? No you couldn’t.

Honestly, there isn’t a lot to say about these things, and I like that. Thank you Nestle (Wonka) for making a solid confection — a reasonable sour-esque morsel, which can very well be described like its name: “sweet” and “tart”.

Trust me, these could be a goto when in the mood for a slightly tart, reasonably chewy American gummy when you can’t find Haribo or Sour Patch Kids. Oh and put them in the fridge – they are even better with that slight hardening chill only a fridge can do.

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