SweeTARTS Gummies: Really? We haven’t reviewed these?

Old school meet middle school. Add in after school, go to college then make candy. Which has nothing to do with these things.

Reviewed by Matty

December 2, 2013

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I expected run of the mill. Boring. Typically American gummy candies. But I got a nice little surprise. These SweeTARTS Gummies are actually pretty good.

The package looks a little tired and I honestly couldn’t believe the Gurus hadn’t reviewed these yet – they seem so obvious for dumdums like us who might just eat old school, sourish gummies for breakfast.

But don’t judge this eBook by its Kindle cover.

Yes I admit I’m not entirely sure the flavors here. Here’s what I think we got:

Blue appears to be a slightly more sweet berry.
Red is a similar sweet cherry I want to say ?
Green is definitely green apple.
Orange must be orange but with the tartness, I think they could get away calling it tangerine.
Purple is fake grape (which you know I love). They could even go deeper on the fakeness.

So, no,  you won’t write home about the flavors, #butstill, could you tell me the actual flavors of original Sweetarts? No you couldn’t.

Honestly, there isn’t a lot to say about these things, and I like that. Thank you Nestle (Wonka) for making a solid confection — a reasonable sour-esque morsel, which can very well be described like its name: “sweet” and “tart”.

Trust me, these could be a goto when in the mood for a slightly tart, reasonably chewy American gummy when you can’t find Haribo or Sour Patch Kids. Oh and put them in the fridge – they are even better with that slight hardening chill only a fridge can do.

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