Skittles Darkside: Once you go dark you’ll never go bark

These Skittles aren't just dark, they're brooding

Reviewed by Matty

July 29, 2013


Skittles is an interesting kettle of fish. The Guru’s fondness for the sour morsels is well archived, while other flavors haven’t had the best games when they finally made it to the show. Strangely, and not completely off topic I swear, Skittles is one of the few brands/companies worth checking out on the interwebs and Facebook. Funny, irreverant, obtuse and un-spammy. Good on ya, Skitts.

These puppies are in line with the whole brand of candies – slightly off color. However, naming the candies ‘darkside’ gives Skitts carte blanche to go OFF and put together some really weird flavors, no? But they don’t really do that. Not that they’re bad little sweeties, they’re not, they just didn’t quite live up to the name.

My take on each flavor:

  • The blue is Forbidden Fruit. I taste blueberry mainly. Good, but not sure why it’s “forbidden.” It’s not bright and flashy either; it’s a deeper flavor with no tang or sour.
  • The purple Dark Berry tastes like general berry jello to me. Nondescript and not overt.
  • The Pomegranate actually tastes more like a Hawaiian fruit candy than actual pomegranate, which tends to be less floral than this Skittle.
  • I get what they are going for with Blood Orange; not sure it’s actual blood orange but it’s way better than most orange candies since it doesn’t taste like cough medicine. It’s less artificial tasting and like the blue one, it’s “deeper.”
  • The green, Midnight Lime, is the best flavor by far and most true to taste. The citrus is strong with this one (like Luke, and the Force) and for a second I thought there was some lime pulp in there. It tastes like real limes, not lime candy. Give me a bag of just these.

Let’s break it down so you know the take-aways.
Do you buy these Skitts over the basics? Yes.
Do you buy these over the sour version? No.
Is this the 2nd best set available at the moment? Yes.

And just for fun, a video from them, since as I said above, they actually are an entertaining brand.

Zolli Candy


  1. Jeremy Michael Hobbs

    I’ll be on the lookout for these.

  2. jonnyguru

    I’ll give these a try. I had sworn off all comers saver for the originals and sours, but what the hell.

    • mattycandy

      They’re good. Not SpecTAC, but good.


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