Robinson’s Fruit Shoot Mega Sour Mix. Ok Maybe Not Mega…

You know how when you were just a tyke, something only kinda spicy was really spicy to you? And then as you grew older, Tabasco suddenly just wasn’t that spicy anymore? It must be the same with sour.

Let’s take the Robinson Fruit Shoot Mega Sour Mix. The name of which I love. You can see that they play up the “mega” in front of sour, so my expectations are like, really high. These should be sour like Carambar Atomics or even Mike & Ike’s Sours. These should be as sour as Dez Bryant in the 2014 NFL Playoffs when he was robbed of a catch:

Alas, these are a nice sour, I”ll grant you that. More than tart but not face puckering.

The package says these are made with 6 fruit juices so I expected 6 flavors. But no, only 5 flavors, which were decent enough though they kinda tasted the same. Not that surprising when 2 flavors have apple – Apple itself and blackcurrant apple. Another flavor is “Summer Fruits” which means to me: “whatever we had left.”

The texture is ok – a sugary coating and a medium chew; these aren’t jellies.

These are the kind of candy that you hope are great and you buy because the package suggests some real sour happening. but then you procure and they seem not that great, but you keep eating and suddenly the package is gone and you think “ok – those weren’t half bad” but you don’t buy again.

Try them. You’ll see what I mean.

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