Pascall Boysenberry Ripple Lumps

Sometimes you just gotta take your lumps.

Reviewed by Matty

July 25, 2022


I sure didn’t want to like these things before I tried them.

The name alone is a turn-off, and how many of us are searching the grocery aisles for boysenberry-flavored anything?

The package says “Inspired by Tip Top™” which means little to me but my New Zealand insider and special guest told me it’s a type of ice cream.

So going in I expected a fruity chocolatey candy like the pineapple Lumps Jonny reviewed back in ’18, in which he called them – and I quote – “weird”. Yet still liked them.

I’m generally against fruit and chocolate together beside what you get in See’s Bridge Mix. Still, I decided to hold back my prejudging as I jumped in.

Say hi to the Boysenberry Ripple Lumps:

I gotta say: thumbs up.

The berry flavor is there but it’s more boysenberry bubble gum than tart and juicy. In fact, the chew of these were gum-like. I expected a Charleston Chew type — super hard and tough, like Laffy Taffy on steroids. But these were softer, and worked your gob like a wad of gum. They didn’t melt right away. I chewed longer than I would with other similar confections. The chocolate was pedestrian but it was dark (+1) and the chocolate isn’t supposed to be the star of the show anyway: it’s holding the insides. Like when you get a soft serve ice cream cone dip, with the chocolate shell — you don’t expect amazingness from the outside, right? The main event is the inside soft center.

My picture doesn’t do the color justice. Chocolate is darker, the center is reddier.

I would tell you to go out and buy them. at your corner shop but you’ll have to be in the Asia Pacific region countries for that, such as Australia and NZ and Fiji. On the U.S. Amazons? Not so much. Still, the internet is good for something, and you can find these in a few places, such as directly – and AFAICT, they’ll send them all over the world.

So go get your Lumps out yo.

Zolli Candy

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