Ocho Coconut Bar: When Price is No Object

Great coconut. Perfect for the rich!

Reviewed by Matty

April 15, 2013

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Most of my candy reviews focus on taste, appearance, how the candy feels in your mouth along with other unnecessary if not ridiculous sexual overtones. Occasionally I (we) rant about how some of the best candy is un-gettable in the US, but rarely do we talk about size (ahem) and cost.

Well here’s a candy review that will focus on the latter.


I paid $1.79 for this Ocho Coconut (organic) Bar. Yes, I did buy it at the galaxy’s most expensive grocery store known as Andronico’s, so my bad for even half expecting a reasonable deal.

(And don’t get me started about the $5.99 organic dark chocolate bars with 82% cacOA that littered the shelves there. Yes, I’m sure they are super tasting, and without you “World first – product second!” companies saving entire lean-to parks in Chilean forests, how would we ever get our favorite expensive chocolate AND clothe the destitute? WE GET IT.)


Perhaps most unnerving about the Ocho bar is that it’s half the size of a normal chocolate bar. HALF. THE. SIZE. They look like a diet candy bar. Usually, when I review candy, I snap photogs of it, I bite it if I’m in the mood at the time, I think about how I will review, and then I return when I’m ready to write. In the case of these Ocho’s, when I took a bit, I ate half of the entire thing.


Now if I can just pull myself away from feeling flim-flammed. Because look at those things — there’s a nice-sized mass of coconut in there. Good on Ocho for packing it in.

I know, coconut is like licorice – you either really like it or really don’t; not a ton of middle ground. Well I Like it. In fact, I did Ocho a favor by reviewing these bars since I bought the other two, the Peanut Butter and the Mocha, and both were pedestrian.

The Ocho coconut bars are similar to a Mounds but much more dense and heartier. The coconut is real and the dark chocolate is thick and not too melty.

So, I liked the Ocho bar. I would have liked MORE of it… but I think I’ve made my point.

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