Mr. Blubber Brause Bonbons

They're fizzy, 'kept they're not.

Reviewed by Jonny

November 7, 2013


uhh…someone trying to tell me something?




I think my German BFF Susie is gently trying to wean me off the sweets.  How else can I decipher this bag of fizzy pressed candies called “Mr. Blubber”?  I GET IT I EAT A LOT.  And frankly, I think it’s my charm.  That and my scorching-hot mastery of the writings of English languagings.

This type of fizzy pressed candy is popular in Germany, but for some reason, not so much here.  The closest equivalent would be Jones Soda candies, which frankly are excellent and deserve a full review of all flavors- it’s on my list.  Jones’  perfect the combination of extreme flavor and mild fizz, but these (and most German varieties) seem to be more subtle on the flavor front.



There’s four flavors here : lemon, orange, cola and tropical.  The thing is, the flavor distinction was pretty minimal between them.  Nothing screamed out at me, not even the cola, which is usually old faithful when it comes to candy flavors.  Additionally, the fizz was a bit too mild for me.  It was almost hard to tell it was fizzy at all until you bit it open and the crumbling process started.  Overall…not a winner in this candy format.  We like these, these, and even these better.


As for Susie-huge thanks as always.  But next time?  Perhaps a candy called Mr. Handsome, or Mr. Charming, or “Boss”.  “Nice Hair”.  “Refreshing Tone”. “Super Pale Skin” is also acceptable.

Zolli Candy

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  1. mattycandy

    Good review, super pale skin.


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