Anyone Want a Fizzy Sweet Tart? Sadex Brause Flaschle Thinks You Do.

If the idea of fizzy sourness appeals to you, then check this.

Reviewed by Jonny

September 14, 2010


How often do we get to stumble upon a new candy category? Not often. That is, until today. Peep these German cola bottle-looking sweeties:

I bought them on a whim, hoping they’d be decent. My German isn’t so great, which isn’t odd, as they killed millions of my people (but hey, who’s counting?), so I had no idea really what was in this box. This time, I got lucky.

Once I poured the box out, I kinda thought I might have found something special:

Expecting Sweet Tart-like things, I popped one in. The difference here is that these also have a fizzy aspect to them. Not insane fizzy like Zots, but instead it’s a mild, tingly fizz. Nice. And the flavors are nice too: cherry, orange, blackberry, and some sort of flower. Yes, a flower. But who cares? These are a prefect little treat for me : sweet, sour, fizzy crunchy.

I should also mention that I bought a box of just cola flavored bottles, same fizzy treatment. An absolute delight. The best flavor of the bunch for sure, but the mix is also really good.

Caveat: these bad boys WILL subject you to the sour tongue burn. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s what happens to your tongue after you eat a lot of Nerds, Sweet Tarts, Warheads, or anything with significant sour power. Your tongue gets a “chaffed” feeling, and burns a bit. Not so delightful. But in the war of stomach vs. tongue, my tongue is always gonna lose. Which means my tongue hurts, but that’s just how I do.

I really recommend that you try these. They’re not gonna be everyone’s favorite, but they’re different, tasty, low calorie, and they last a long time. Our friends at can hook you up here.

I’m looking forward to inhaling the rest of these tonight. Tomorrow, my tongue shall weep, but…that’s what sick days are for, right?




Zolli Candy


  1. David K

    I bought these back in 2004 when I was visiting Austria and I thought they were fantastic. The box you have pictured was the best one. ONE TIME since, I was able to buy several boxes at, but they always seem to be out of stock, and any time I ever see these online somewhere, they want like $8 a box, which is ridiculous. I may have to travel to Austria again just so I can buy a bunch of these. I’d think there’d be more distribution in the USA since I think they would be really popular. You’d think Sadex would want to tap the USA market and make a lot of money, so I wonder why that hasn’t happened yet.

  2. Martha

    Mmm. Those look good.

  3. susan

    mm… these look like a better version of bottlecaps. For a second I got excited that the Germans had perhaps resurrected sodalicous fruit snacks…. sigh.

  4. Josh

    I’ve heard that drinking some milk can help with citric acid burns… not to scare anyone but high levels of citric acid deplete enamel and weaken teeth too.

  5. Matty

    Sour skitts?
    The WOIST.

    I had these sour bottles at the Giants game with Jonny 2 night ago and they are delish. I may have given them an 8. Really good sour with good flavors.

  6. Jonny

    I really couldn’t have said that better myself. It’s true- how the hell do you stop eating sour skitts?

  7. rodzilla

    Sour tongue burn is the worst. I think sour skittles are probably the worst perpetrator, my moth is cut up before I finish the bag…and then I suffer through it because it’s not like i’m going to stop eating sour skittles. .



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