Maoam Pinballs: A secret treat from our fave candy maker?

These are the kind of balls we should all be fond of.

Reviewed by Matty

May 18, 2021


This was originally published in 2016. Once a month I rehash a review of candy I want to make sure doesn’t get overlooked. Thus. These.

You know how we love Bon Bons?

Not the general French candy but the very specific (and European) flavorful sweeties that are so perfectly hard and sour and chewy that we could probably benchmark every other candy against them?

Yeah well these Maoam Pinballs are like those.



Not as hard and chewy; these melt in your mouth faster. They are also smaller, but their shape is very similar, the flavors are strong and as soon as I eat one I want to eat more. The cola is simply fantastic. Luckily each little package HAD a cola. They also had a variety – lemon, cherry I think. Maybe green apple. I couldn’t find the line-up, but no matter. They were all good.


Staring long enough at the center of these and I start seeing what I think a chewy Zotz center might look like if you gathered a lot together and made it stickier. Maoam’s Pinballs are indeed tangy and even zesty though not quite as zippy as a Zotz.

Made in the UK, you need to get the Maoam Pinballs in England. Unless there was some massive connected network you could login to where you buy items that get sent to your doorstep.

Most importantly, I noticed something. Look at the copyright owner on the bottom of the Maoam web site:



Need we say anything more? Go. Get.

Zolli Candy


  1. Matty

    Orange is sneeky underrated

  2. Lydia

    Ah you didn’t get the full line up! There is also an orange colour and flavour, and a hot pink which I want to say is raspberry. One of my absolute favourite sweets.


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