British Bon Bons

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Reviewed by Jonny

April 30, 2016


Things are different around the world. When is American eat chips, they’re disc shaped slices of crispy fried potato. FYI, sour cream & onion is my shit. But in England, if you’re eating chips, you’re eating what we call French Fries.

Over here, if you mention that you were eating Bon Bons, people think you’re talking about these:


But over the pond, it ain’t like that. Bon Bons are among the oldest of the old school, and are maybe the chewiest little delights you’ll ever come across.


Imagine a chewy, round starburst. But then ratchet up the chewy by 5 times or so, and doctor the flavors to be more simple, direct and intense. Friends, this is treat that you need to try. All three of these flavors really excel, but there’s so many more to choose from-if only you could get them over here, right?

Well we finally can. Frank, my new bestie from the excellent candy site, sent these to us, and he can send them to any of you too-that’s right, reasonably priced shipping to the US from a British candy store.

Now THAT’S progress.

What’s more, they have an extremely varied inventory- everything from hard to find types of Haribo, to a strong selection of Swedish candy, Finnish candy, etc.  Of course, they also have a wonderful selection of British candies, as well as the mandatory old school “boiled sweets” that any British candy shop worth its salt has to have. I’m talking about rhubarb & custard hard candies, pears, lemon sherbets, all the classics you’d expect to serif you’re in the know.

Head on  over there (link below) and pick up some goods-and definitely add at least one bag of bon bond to your order.  There’s literally nothing like them stateside.


Zolli Candy


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