M&M’s Coffee Nut: A Bit o’ Buzz

It's better than Sanka but it ain't no slow drip

Reviewed by Matty

July 18, 2017

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I feel like I’ve been reviewing M&M’s a lot lately, which is weird since they’ve been around since 1941. Most people think of 2 M&M flavors – Plain and Peanut – but if you haven’t been paying attention, Mars (M&M makers) isn’t resting on their laurels. We recently reviewed M&M’s Caramel, which I didn’t love, and Candy Corn flavored, which didn’t rise to the top either, so I was a little hesitant going in for the latest flavor (well, premiered as an OFFICIAL flavor in summer of 2016) : Coffee Nut.

Here’s what’s right about them:

  • They got peanuts in them. Breaking news: People like chocolate and nuts.
  • They taste like coffee. Ever heard of Starbuck’s? Yeah well it turns out people also like coffee flavored drinks, especially if they are half caf half decaf low foam frappacinolinis.
  • They aren’t too sweet. This is something Mars has always done well – their chocolate may not be gourmet but it’s also not overly sugary/saccharine.
  • M&Ms are easy to eat, plus they melt in your mouth and not in your hands.

The only thing I don’t love about these M&M’s Coffee Nut is the light coffee flavor. They are more like a weak cup of Folgers and less like a deep roasted legit Cold brew. And I personally like the latter. Mind you, my little guru-ette didn’t care for them because of the coffee flavor; she’s 13 and not a coffee drinker.

So let’s do the math:

Like coffee? These are good, not great.

Don’t like coffee? Don’t be eating coffee-flavored candy, yo.

If you find yourself at an M&M’s World, such as in Vegas. you’ll find all the flavors, and if you get to a solid corner shop, you’ll find these. Or just buy them here:

Zolli Candy


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