M&M’s Caramel: Did the Tried and True Need an Update?

Do you know that Caramel was named after the seaside town 'Carmel' on the California Central Coast?

Reviewed by Matty

May 23, 2017

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I had a few epiphanies about M&Ms as I was trying the new M&M’s Caramel.

I like to pound M&M’s by the handful and I won’t make half-assed excuses for enjoying eating a lot of them at once. They’re small, for one. And if you haven’t heard, they melt in your mouth, not in your hands. They’re like a bag of popcorn at the movies, something you can nosh on for awhile. Where I usually defer to the possibly-perfect Peanut M&M’s most often, I’ve recently found myself wanting the peanut BUTTER M&M’s even more. (Go get those if you haven’t had them yet. For that matter, get the Crispy M&M’s too – also very good.)

So – yes, I like old school M&M’s but I can still be partial to new school, and thus my heart was very open to like the Caramel flavor.

They look so different than other M&M’s




OK let me cut to the chase. I don’t love these. They remind me of a Rolo at first bite but the caramel isn’t as gooey nor as tasty. It goes to the background pretty fast. These also stick to my teeth a bit, a pet peeve of mine. Also, caramel is sweeeeeeet; where peanuts and “crispy” aren’t, and peanut butter isn’t either. So this new flavor is much sweeter than other M&M’s and just a bit too dessert-y for me to eat them like I LIKE to eat M&M’s, which is by the handful. SEE ABOVE.

Look, Caramel M&M’s are OK. If you buy them, you’ll eat them. But I bet you won’t go back to these very often. Sometimes, less is more.

Zolli Candy


  1. Squiggy

    I don’t like them very much either. The caramel is kind of dry and just not that great; if it had been gooey caramel they would be a lot better, but even then I agree it’s just too sweet and sugary to snack on like other M&M varieties. My favorite is still peanut M&Ms.

  2. i_love_swiss_cheese

    I did not like these. I tried them today and I thought they were lousy. I completely agree with everything the above review says and I would like to add that the caramel quickly turns to sugar crystals which are awful. I did not like them.


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