M&M’s Caramel: Did the Tried and True Need an Update?

I had a few epiphanies about M&Ms as I was trying the new M&M’s Caramel.

I like to pound M&M’s by the handful and I won’t make half-assed excuses for enjoying eating a lot of them at once. They’re small, for one. And if you haven’t heard, they melt in your mouth, not in your hands. They’re like a bag of popcorn at the movies, something you can nosh on for awhile. Where I usually defer to the possibly-perfect Peanut M&M’s most often, I’ve recently found myself wanting the peanut BUTTER M&M’s even more. (Go get those if you haven’t had them yet. For that matter, get the Crispy M&M’s too – also very good.)

So – yes, I like old school M&M’s but I can still be partial to new school, and thus my heart was very open to like the Caramel flavor.

They look so different than other M&M’s




OK let me cut to the chase. I don’t love these. They remind me of a Rolo at first bite but the caramel isn’t as gooey nor as tasty. It goes to the background pretty fast. These also stick to my teeth a bit, a pet peeve of mine. Also, caramel is sweeeeeeet; where peanuts and “crispy” aren’t, and peanut butter isn’t either. So this new flavor is much sweeter than other M&M’s and just a bit too dessert-y for me to eat them like I LIKE to eat M&M’s, which is by the handful. SEE ABOVE.

Look, Caramel M&M’s are OK. If you buy them, you’ll eat them. But I bet you won’t go back to these very often. Sometimes, less is more.

2 thoughts on “M&M’s Caramel: Did the Tried and True Need an Update?

  1. I did not like these. I tried them today and I thought they were lousy. I completely agree with everything the above review says and I would like to add that the caramel quickly turns to sugar crystals which are awful. I did not like them.

  2. I don’t like them very much either. The caramel is kind of dry and just not that great; if it had been gooey caramel they would be a lot better, but even then I agree it’s just too sweet and sugary to snack on like other M&M varieties. My favorite is still peanut M&Ms.

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