Mike & Ike’s Cherry Cola Give Us Some Zing

Olde skool, sure. But good enough for the 21st century.

Reviewed by Matty

July 11, 2017

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Don’t sleep on Mike & Ike. Sure they’re available at every corner, grocery and convenience store in the U.S. Yes for many sweets that means they could be run-o’-the-mill, on every shelf because of the payola Big Candy pays to these traders. Yet, as we’ve said before, Mike & Ike make good stuffs, and their Cherry Cola flavor continues a positive trend.

Cherry cola is one of those flavors that I often wish would be a bit more than it usually is. Cola is a strong, unique taste whether in candy or in the drink itself, yet the added cherry usually makes me wonder if I’m actually tasting cherry or a general red berry tinge added in. There’s a certain tang to cherry cola when done right and Mike & Ike do it well. At first the candy taste is all cola, and not a super strong one like a European gummy, but then a slightly zingy cherry flavor kicks in and surprisingly makes the flavor of these Mike & Ike’s deeper than expected.

2 shout-outs to Just Born (the candymakers) for putting these in a box that had a solid amount of candy in it — good because I paid a ‘specialty candy store’ price of $3.50 for the box (which is ridiculous). Also, no extra packaging: just card stock box with candy inside.

If you aren’t a Mike & Ike fan yet, become one. Get the Cherry Cola flavor as your starter kit. here:

Zolli Candy


  1. Marc Whinston

    Holy crap! Cherry cola flavored Mike and Ike? That sounds totally lit! I’ll have to find that…

    • Matty

      Super lit AF ! you can buy at the link above.


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