Kit Kat Duos: Mint + Dark Chocolate

Sometimes "tried & true" is enough for you

Reviewed by Matty

September 22, 2020


Not everything has to be clever.

This week I take a dark chocolate and mint Kit Kat for a ride. And perhaps you’re thinking, “whatever been there done that.”

But last week we reviewed Brach’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn and although it was fun and novel, I doubt you want to eat them.

In a July 2017 “National Ice Cream Month” survey mint chocolate chip was ranked as America’s 4th most popular flavor. Not bad. Still, I get you. Mint + Chocolate isn’t anyone’s absolute favorite flavor combo.

So why review the run of the mill Dark Chocolate & Mint Duo Kit Kats?

Because Kits Kats rock that’s why.

Kit Kat Duo Mint + Dark Chocolate package

Kit Kats are one of the most perfect candy bars with a chocolate coating that isn’t too thick nor too thin. Crispy always but not like a potato chip. Substantial to eat, a tad creamy and not too rich. Perfect for dessert when you don’t want to load the fat and carbs. (For those of you who do Weight Watchers, they are 4 points.)

In most of the world (well mostly Asia) they have loads of Kit Kat flavors and I generally covet them. We get 2-4 here in the US: milk, dark and white chocolate, and now green tea. So I was more than happy to try the Mint + Dark Chocolate Duos.

Kit Kat Dark Chocolate + Mint candy bars

And as expected – these are darned good. The flavor reminded me straight-up of an Andes mint, which I think we can all agree are top tier — a good minty flavor but not toothpastey. The dark chocolate is good because it cuts through the ‘spice’ of mint well, and with the Duos, you get all the fun of the Kit Kat I espoused 2 paragraphs up.

So just because it might seem pedestrian, done before, and simply not new – doesn’t mean you should shy away from buying the Kit Kat Dark Chocolate + Mint duos. In fact, embrace the regular, the tried and true. We could all use a little more normal this year don’t you think?

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