Green Tea Kit Kat: Japan is Wonderful

I love the Japanese and I love green tea and I love Kit Kats. Put it all together and that's a shit load of love yo.

Reviewed by Matty

June 2, 2012


I went to Asia.

Specifically China, Singapore and Japan. Although I was only in Tokyo for 8 hours of meetings (it was actually better than it sounds), I was able to stop and get some candy. Not a ton. Just these.

And I love these.

Cuz I love Kit Kats and I love green tea and then these Japanese people put the two together and now it’s time for me to party.

See how they even got the words on there, in English? These Japanese people are smart.

ok so you know how the chocolate around a Kit Kat is creamyish? Well, change it to a white chocolate with green tea flaves and now you are eating these.

How do they get the bars to keep their crisp? This isn’t proprietary to these Japanese Kats, us ‘mericans do it too. It’s part and parcel to why I love these things.

Did you know that in the UK they eat Kit Kats when they drink tea? The chocolate ones. I wonder if the Japanese eat green tea Kit Kats when they drink Green Tea tea? So meta.

Zolli Candy

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  1. Piggledinosaur

    And in Ireland we skip through green fields looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…


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